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Sanctuary Cities

  1. maga
    Republican States Go to War Against Democratic Local GovernmentsWho cares about decentralized governance any more? Certainly not Trumpian Republicans, who want power for the level of government that obeys them.
  2. president trump
    Trump’s Sanctuary-Cities Threat Is His Latest Bid to Govern by SabotagePromising to inflict harm on innocent Americans — until a coequal branch of government acts as his pawn — is Trump’s favorite negotiating tactic.
  3. immigration
    Could Trump’s Illegal Plan to Ship Migrants to Cities Make Everyone Happy?The president’s assumption that urban liberals hate and fear migrants as much as he and the MAGA folk do isn’t necessarily accurate.
  4. immigration
    ICE Arrests of Undocumented Immigrants Without Criminal Records TripleThrough targeted sweeps and “collateral arrests,” ICE is beginning to terrorize immigrant communities.
  5. Appeals Court Rules Against Trump Effort to Deny Grants to Sanctuary CitiesThe administration defended its proposed ban on grants to states and localities that don’t cooperate with ICE by arguing it was mere rhetoric.
  6. House Democrats Refuse to Take Bait on ‘Abolish ICE’ Vote Arranged by GOPRepublicans want to distract attention from their own immigration disagreements and burn a straw man, but House Democrats aren’t cooperating.
  7. Georgia GOP Candidate’s ‘Deportation Bus,’ Like His Campaign, Breaks DownGOP gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams is going nowhere fast, but the general-election showdown in November is becoming more interesting.
  8. politics
    Red State Republicans Are Trying to Trump Each Other’s TrumpinessGOP candidates for governor of Georgia are tripping over each other to sound like Trump on “the swamp” and sanctuary cities.
  9. The Resistance to ‘the Resistance,’ in Orange CountyFamously right-wing Orange County, California, is changing rapidly — but not so rapidly that its county government isn’t fighting back.
  10. Lou Dobbs Clip Inspires Trump to Undermine His Own Legal Position on ImmigrationImagine the chagrin of Justice Department lawyers who woke up to find that a tweet from POTUS had sabotaged their legal fight with California.
  11. No Immigration or Obamacare Deals As Huge Spending Bill Shambles Toward PassageMost of the controversial riders are out, but modest gun measures could yet be enacted.
  12. Trump’s Trip to California Is Aimed to DispleaseThe president’s quick trip to California won’t involve efforts to charm the locals. It’s part of a strategy to demonize the state.
  13. Acting ICE Director Wants to Arrest Politicians Running Sanctuary CitiesThomas Homan is coming for California governor Jerry Brown.
  14. Judge Rules Trump’s Sanctuary-Cities Order Flagrantly UnconstitutionalThe Trump-Sessions effort to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities is now dead, and likely won’t be revived in its current form.
  15. It’s All About Turnout: Virginia Gubernatorial Candidates Rev Up Their BasesIn a contest with huge implications for 2018, it’s coming down the stretch to a battle of turnout operations.
  16. There’s a Lot at Stake in the VA Governor’s Race — and Democrats Are WorriedPolls are now very tight in a nasty culture-war campaign. If Republican Ed Gillespie wins, look out in 2018.
  17. Northam Now Saying He’d Ban Sanctuary Cities — If There Were Any in VirginiaOne of Ed Gillespie’s attack lines accuses his opponent of favoring sanctuary cities. It seems to have drawn blood.
  18. Race-Baiting 2017 GOP Campaigns Could Infect the 2018 ElectionsThe racist campaigns the GOP is running in Virginia and New Jersey could spread everywhere next year.
  19. Experts: Murder Rate Appears to Have Stopped RisingThe rise in murder rates in many major cities appears to be over, but it’s left a legacy in reactionary “crime wave” rhetoric and policies.
  20. Federal Judge Blocks Texas’s Harsh Anti–Sanctuary City LawThe law, which is backed by the Trump administration, was set to go into effect on Friday.
  21. immigration
    Chicago Sues Over Sanctuary City Threat, Sessions Blasts City’s ‘Lawlessness’The city says the Justice Department’s new qualifications for federal grant money are “unauthorized and unconstitutional.”
  22. With Nasty Tweets, Trump Steps on His Immigration Message, Big LeagueToday should have been a day of celebration for legislative action on Trump’s immigration agenda. Instead, he went on Twitter and stepped all over it.
  23. Texas Governor Signs Nation’s Harshest Anti–‘Sanctuary City’ Bill Into LawLocal authorities could face fines or jail time for refusing to comply with federal immigration officials.
  24. the law
    Jeff Sessions Is Faking His Outrage About the Sanctuary Cities InjunctionHe tells the public one story, while his staff tells the judge another.
  25. A Frustrated and Confused Trump Wants to Bust Up the 9th CircuitBelieving in error that an appeals court made a district court decision he could have avoided, the president lashes out ineffectually at judges again.
  26. Trump Attacks Wrong Court for Sanctuary Cities DecisionOn Twitter, the president lashes out at the Ninth Circuit for a district court decision that his own blustering words made inevitable.
  27. Federal Judge Halts Trump’s Punishment of Sanctuary CitiesEnforcement of the executive order has been halted on grounds that administration tough-talk vastly exceeds the government’s constitutional powers.
  28. Justice Department Declares New York City ‘Soft on Crime’“New York City continues to see gang murder after gang murder” due to its “‘soft on crime’ stance.” (NYC had a record-low crime rate in 2016).
  29. Trump’s Ego Could Cause a Government ShutdownNegotiators have some wiggle room on an April 28 deadline for a funding deal. But the 100-day mark of the Trump presidency could cause its own crisis.
  30. the urbanist
    The Urban-Rural Divide Matters More Than Red Versus Blue StateThe more metropolitan liberals resist, protest, and strike, the more foreign they will become to the rest of the country.
  31. Mulvaney Pushes ‘Sanctuary City’ Crackdown That May Lead to Government ShutdownTrump’s OMB director has tossed another inflammatory issue into the mix.
  32. Jeff Sessions Calls for an End to Sanctuary CitiesBut he may be all talk, no action.
  33. Police Union Head Says NYC Cops Want to Help ICE Deport More People“Make no mistake about it, the members of law enforcement in the NYPD want to cooperate with ICE.”
  34. Trump’s Homeland Security Head Takes Blame for Travel Ban RolloutEven though multiple reports say he was barely consulted on the executive order.
  35. reasons to love new york
    44 Immigrant New Yorkers on Living in a Sanctuary CityWe may have a fabled reputation for crossed-arm toughness, but in reality, New York is the city whose arms have always been open the widest.
  36. reasons to love new york
    Trump May Have America, But the City Is Still OursThe election reminded us that New York has always been a bubble. And what a bubble it is.
  37. Antonin Scalia Might Have Saved Sanctuary CitiesHis ruling in a 1997 gun-control case could prevent Trump from punishing cities that refuse to cooperate with mass deportation.