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    Scott Walker, Please Stop Tweeting About SandwichesWisconsin’s governor just won’t stop tweeting about ham-and-cheese sandwiches.
  2. joetorious
    Joe Biden Picking Up Some Sandwiches, in PhotosHe ran out of money, for one thing. 
  3. double entendres
    Subway May Be Exaggerating the Size of Its, You Know … FootlongHey, eleven inches is nothing to be ashamed about. 
  4. bright ideas
    Travis Wright Believed in the Candwich, Even If His Investors Didn’tA sandwich in a can is a foolproof idea, is it not?
  5. divas
    Chuck Schumer and His Special SandwichThe man is serious about his subs.
  6. things that make words seem superfluous
    And Now: A Picture of Tom Selleck, a Waterfall, and a SandwichBecause the Internet is an amazing place.
  7. sandwiches
    Goin’ Up to the Subway in the SkyThe Port Authority is putting a sandwich shop high above Ground Zero.
  8. grub street
    Pork: It’s What’s for Lunch If you’re looking for an inspired lunch to grab this week, go no further than Grub Street’s “Sandwich of the Week.” This week, sandwich seekers Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld happily discover the tamarind-pork sandwich (above) from Lassi. This “Indian-Dominican powerhouse” includes pork, garlic, chiles, cilantro, ginger, salt, and a tandoori masala, among other ingredients. Too bad it’s only available Wednesday through Sunday. Sandwich of the Week: Lassi’s Tamarind-Pork Sandwich [Grub Street]
  9. grub street
    God Save the King Burger Ever feel like a big, juicy, greasy hamburger doesn’t pack quite big enough of a fat-and-cholesterol punch for you? The line cooks at BLT Burger to the rescue, then. Killing time at the end of a shift one night, the kitchen crew at Laurent Tourondel’s Sixth Avenue outpost threw a burger in the deep fryer to see what would happen. The magnificent result was the King Burger, a five-ounce hunk of ground beef coated, fried, and served on a soft bun with lettuce, tomato, and onion. There’s more to it, and it’s this week’s Sandwich of the Week. Sandwich of the Week: BLT’s King Burger, in All Its Deep-Fried Glory [Grub Street]
  10. grub street
    Say Cheese Happy National Grilled-Cheese Sandwich Month! We presume Hallmark has a card for the occasion — how could they not? — but Grub Street has an even better way to send cheesily good tidings: The Underground Gourmet’s list of the eight best grilled-cheese sandwiches in New York. They all sound delicious, and they’re this week’s Sandwiches of the Week. Sandwiches of the Week: In Celebration of National Grilled-Cheese Sandwich Month [Grub Street]
  11. grub street
    We All Scream for Lobster! If it were us, we might not have named the thing a Lobster-Roll Ice-Cream Sandwich, because it sounds, well, gross. But look at the picture and consider the ingredients: a buttered-and-griddled top-cut hot-dog bun, filled with chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, and more chocolate sauce. And then remember that had Ed McFarland, of Ed’s Lobster Bar, called it something else, it might not be this week’s Sandwich of the Week. And then where would we be? That’s Right: A Lobster-Roll-Inspired Ice-Cream Sandwich [Grub Street]