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  1. dick cheney
    Dick Cheney Knows Homeland Is More Like Real Life Than You ThinkAnd that’s why he had the wireless function on his defibrillator disabled.
  2. media
    CNN Not Chill With Sanjay Gupta WeedThe network is asking a marijuana dispensary to change the name of its new product.
  3. reluctant confessions
    Sanjay Gupta Did Inhale, Didn’t Like It MuchBut he’s still pretty stoked on medicinal pot.
  4. haiti
    CNN Reporters Save Lives When They’re Not ReportingAll in a days work.
  5. what’s up doc
    Senate Confirms Surgeon General Just in Time For Worldwide PlagueYou’ve got a lot to do Regina Benjamin.
  6. letdowns
    Dr. Sanjay Gupta Will Not Heed the Call of DutyWe had completely forgotten about this.
  7. Congressman Conyers Opposes Sanjay Gupta, Bestows Peace Prize on Paul KrugmanWhat a busy year for Paul Krugman.
  8. Dr. Sanjay Gupta Heeds the Call of DutyAs surgeon general, Gupta will soon be in charge of warning pregnant women of the dangers of smoking … and probably other things.