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Santa Barbara Shooting

  1. very sad things
    UCSB Shooter’s Former Roommate: ‘Why Did I Not Say Anything?’“I had a pretty bad feeling about Elliot.”
  2. very sad things
    Parents of UCSB Shooter Say They Are Experiencing ‘Hell on Earth’ Peter and Chin Rodger released a statement on Thursday.
  3. very sad things
    Sandy Hook Victim’s Father Writes to Richard Martinez: ‘You Are Not Alone’The UC Santa Barbara victim’s father has turned his grief into rallying cries.
  4. santa barbara shooting
    Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen Not Happy to Find Themselves Linked to UCSB ShooterBy the Washington Post’s film critic.
  5. departures
    Rap Genius Co-Founder Resigns“MY GUESS: his sister is smokin hot.”
  6. awful things
    UCSB Shooter’s Parents Tried to Stop HimElliot Rodger forwarded Li Chin and Peter Rodger his manifesto just before he began his rampage.
  7. very sad and scary things
    Three Bodies Found in Elliot Rodger’s HomeThey were reportedly stabbed to death.
  8. very sad and scary things
    Santa Barbara Shooter Left Behind a Collection of Disturbing Videos22-year-old Elliot Rodger described some of his motives on his YouTube channel.