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  1. Concerned Residents Try to Derail Annual Meeting of Drunk SantasFake posters advertising the cancellation of SantaCon popped up in advance of the event Saturday.
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    A Guy in a Santa Costume Robbed a Bank During SantaConMerry Christmas?
  3. neighborhood news
    Drunken Santas Won’t Puke All Over Bushwick After All SantaCon 2014 is currently homeless.
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    This Right Here Is Why SantaCon Can’t Have Nice ThingsAn East Village brawl will be the lasting image.
  5. The LIRR Bans Drinking During SantaConEvery little bit helps.
  6. terrible things
    The War on SantaCon ContinuesLocal politicians are voicing their complaints, complete with bad puns.
  7. holiday cheer
    Ray Kelly Incorrectly Labels SantaCon ‘a Peaceful Event’The police commissioner thinks the city should support the annual puke-fest.
  8. holiday cheer
    SantaCon Is the Worst, NYPD AgreesPolice have asked bar owners not to participate in the annual puke fest.
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    The Single Grad Student Doing More Drinking Than ScrewingThis week’s sex diary involves Santacon. Naturally.
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    Santacon Combines Holiday Cheer, Public DrunkenessEven more drunken Santas on the street than usual.
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    Look Out for Drunk Santas TodaySantacon is today.