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  1. early and often
    Sarah Palin’s Comeback Fails, Sending Democrat Mary Peltola to CongressRepublican divisions and voters’ distaste for Palin helped give Peltola, an Alaska Native, a narrow win in Alaska’s special election.
  2. early and often
    Alaska Will Send Either Sarah Palin or a Democrat to CongressThe state’s complex new voting system is producing a surprise result in the special election to complete the term of the late congressman Don Young.
  3. early and often
    Sarah Palin Still Has Two Shots at Going to CongressPalin has yet to be eliminated in Alaska’s complex new voting system. Her celebrity status is still both her biggest asset and her biggest liability.
  4. 2022 midterms
    Despite Trump Endorsement, Palin May Be on Way to Defeat in Congressional BidAlaska’s complex top-four and ranked-choice voting systems aren’t being friendly to MAGA candidates.
  5. 2022 midterms
    Palin Takes First Step Toward Congress in Alaska Special PrimaryThe former governor and veep nominee will have a shot at at least a brief tenure in the House if she can win a ranked-choice election in August.
  6. early and often
    Alaska Struggles With Its Weird New Election SystemA top-four primary, ranked-choice voting, and a special congressional election are colliding. Plus, the race features Sarah Palin and Santa Claus.
  7. politics
    Trump Finally Remembered That He Owes Sarah Palin a FavorPalin didn’t get much in return for her early 2016 Trump endorsement. But now the former president has boosted her odds of winning a U.S. House seat.
  8. sarah palin
    Sarah Palin Is Running for Congress Against Santa Claus (and 49 Others)She and 50 other candidates are vying for Alaska’s open House seat, though she may also just be reminding people she hasn’t gone away.
  9. politics
    The End of Sarah Palin’s Libel Case Versus the Times Gets Even WeirderThe judge claims that three jurors were made aware of his decision to dismiss the lawsuit by push notification, potentially influencing their verdict.
  10. media
    It’s Official: Sarah Palin Loses Her Libel Lawsuit Against the New York TimesNot only did a jury unanimously reject her claim, a judge will now move to dismiss it.
  11. media
    If Sarah Palin Wins, Fox News Could LoseWhy both liberals and conservatives should be careful about opening up libel law.
  12. rudy giuliani
    You’re Not Crazy, Rudy Giuliani Actually Went on The Masked SingerThis might be worse than his prior star turn at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.
  13. stop the presses
    Sarah Palin Paints the Town COVIDShe shocks the capital of blue America, unvaccinated and unashamed.
  14. media
    Sarah Palin Postpones Court Date by Contracting COVIDShe was just about to face off against the New York Times.
  15. extremism
    Is Trump Going to Fade Like Sarah Palin?The good news is that he could lose his audience. The bad news is that it would take someone even more terrifying to come along.
  16. supreme court
    Palin Threatens Challenge to Murkowski in Deeply Strange VideoIt’s unclear if Palin is at all serious or just bidding for attention again.
  17. vision 2020
    A Short History of the Veep RevealThere may be less drama this year, but Biden’s announcement will be the biggest news before his own acceptance speech.
  18. vision 2020
    Could Dumping Pence Be a Last-Minute Game Changer for Trump?Incapable of changing his ways to salvage reelection, Trump might decide blaming the coronavirus mess on Pence and dropping him is the only option.
  19. vision 2020
    Biden Shouldn’t Obsess Over Checking Boxes for His Veep PickBiden should look at the whole person and her character and qualifications for the job — unlike what John McCain did when he picked Sarah Palin.
  20. 2020 elections
    If Beto and Biden Got Together, Would the Age Gap Be a Problem?30 years separate the former veep and the Texas phenom. That might not be a good thing for either of them.
  21. 2020 presidential election
    Warning to Beto-Maniacs: Early Presidential Buzz Can Be an Omen or an IllusionBeto O’Rourke is looking very good as a 2020 presidential prospect. But others have looked just as good and have quickly flamed out or failed to run.
  22. john mccain
    Report: Sarah Palin Wasn’t Invited to John McCain’s FuneralMcCain’s former running mate, like President Trump, will have to watch on TV.
  23. john mccain
    That Time McCain Almost Switched Parties to Become the Democratic VP CandidateMcCain thought about breaking with his party twice, and defying its orthodoxies a third time, but was never that maverick-y.
  24. McCain Regrets His Palin Pick for the Wrong ReasonsHe still won’t draw a connection between his decision and the GOP’s descent into nihilism.
  25. The Most Boring Man in Minnesota Is Running for Governor AgainAfter repeatedly whiffing in national politics, Tim Pawlenty is running for governor again.
  26. Like a Lot of Republicans, Pawlenty Is Giving a 2018 Senate Race a PassAn open Senate seat in his home state wasn’t enough to lure the former governor and self-styled “Sam’s Club Republican” into another race.
  27. Alabama GOP Senate Preview: A Strange Struggle in a Pro-Trump StateDonald Trump went to Alabama to pull his candidate across the finish line to victory in a GOP Senate runoff. But it’s not looking good for Big Luther.
  28. Judge Tosses Sarah Palin’s Lawsuit Against New York Times“Negligence this may be; but defamation of a public figure it plainly is not.”
  29. the national interest
    Could Donald Trump Have Been Elected As a Democrat?Maybe it’s not a coincidence that he was chosen by the party that almost put Sarah Palin in the White House.
  30. sarah palin’s america
    Sarah Palin’s Latest Business Venture: Running a Right-Wing Content FarmHer website is now dominated by short, aggregated news articles penned by other people and all manner of shady clickbait.
  31. Trump Discussed Political Correctness With the Right’s Favorite CelebritiesThe president hasn’t looked this happy in months.
  32. Breitbart Keeps Turning Up the Heat on Paul RyanEven as administration figures rallied around the GOP health plan, Trump’s fans at Breitbart used it as fresh ammunition in its war on the Speaker.
  33. the national interest
    Donald Trump, Julian Assange, and the Control of the Republican MindThe cruelest, most condescending, and also devastatingly correct indictment of Donald Trump’s supporters was uttered by Trump himself.
  34. Sarah Palin Calls Trump’s Carrier Deal ‘Crony Capitalism’The “principled conservative opposition” may have a new leader.
  35. Will Trump Insult Veterans by Sending Sarah Palin to the VA?She’s not really qualified, and will create a sideshow wherever she goes. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.
  36. the national interest
    How the Party of Sarah Palin Became the Party of Donald TrumpHey, Republicans, how’s that dopey-angry thing workin’ out for ya?
  37. republican party
    As Trump Pans Republican Party Unity, Palin Targets Paul RyanJust another 24 hours in the national implosion that is the Trump-era GOP.
  38. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin to Grace Daytime TV With Judge Judy–Style Reality ShowIt’s always good to have a back-up plan.
  39. Todd Palin Reportedly Injured in ‘Serious’ Snowmobile CrashSarah Palin dropped out of her Trump appearances in Florida, though she will reportedly stop by one town hall on her way back to Alaska. 
  40. Sarah Palin Definitely Didn’t Blame Obama for Her Son’s Arrest, Says Sarah Palin“I never said that.”
  41. the national interest
    How Conservatism Created Donald TrumpNational Review and the shock of recognition.
  42. Sarah Palin Blames Obama for Her Son’s Domestic-Violence ArrestTrack Palin’s domestic-violence arrest is now a part of the Obama legacy.
  43. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin Plays Tina Fey in 30 Rock SpoofFour years later, she’s come up with her retort.
  44. trump cards
    Sarah Palin Slams Press for Asking Donald Trump ‘Gotcha’ Bible QuestionsThe notoriously private candidate doesn’t talk about his favorite book with strangers.
  45. palinology
    Sarah Palin’s Internet TV Network Is DeadGet your fix on Facebook.
  46. tv news news
    Sarah Palin and Fox News Part Ways, AgainWhat’s could be next?
  47. the palins
    Bristol Palin Calls Off Wedding, Still Plans to PartyShe says the rumors that her fiancé has a secret wife are untrue.
  48. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin Starts the Year With Dog-Stepping Fight It’s 2015 and she’s still here.
  49. america’s sweetheart
    Hear the Palin Family Describe Their Drunken Brawl“Oh f*cking hell no, no one’s gonna touch my sister,” Bristol explains.
  50. america’s sweeheart
    Sarah Palin Almost Remembers the White House Address1400 Pennsylvania Avenue? So close.
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