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  1. crypto
    Miami’s Wall Street Bull Is a Crime Against GodIt has laser eyes and probably consumes human souls.
  2. monuments
    Georgia Politician Argues for Keeping All Statues — Even of Hitler or SatanGOP congressional candidate Marjorie Greene shows that floodgates arguments over removing monuments cut both ways.
  3. religion
    Seven-Foot-Tall Satanic Statue Actually Kind of CuteA devil-worshiping group is trying to build it at the Oklahoma state capitol. 
  4. the gospel of rick
    Santorum Not Apologizing for Remarks on Satan’s Wrath“Satan has his sights on the United States of America!”
  5. bad things
    College Student Slashes Dean’s Throat Before Governor’s Press ConferenceStudents at the school claim the slasher has “demonic tattoos” and “had written symbols on a wall poster” earlier in the day.
  6. awesome things
    Teacher Sells Copies of His Own Book to StudentsWe know, this happens all the time. But this is a unique situation.
  7. blog-stained wretches
    Nick Denton Shutters ValleywagThe Silicon Valley gossip blog will be folded into flagship gossip site Gawker.
  8. webemies
    Blake Lively More Popular Than Dorky Econ Major’Gossip Girl’ is a far hotter topic than the struggling economy.