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Satoshi Nakamoto

  1. Craig Wright: Uh, Actually, I Won’t Prove That I’m Satoshi NakamotoBye, Craig!
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    Craig Wright’s Proof He Invented Bitcoin Is Basically a ‘Canadian Girlfriend’In the day since Craig Wright’s announcement that he is Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, his “proof” has been unraveling online.
  3. Investigations: This Guy Is Bitcoin’s InventorThe plot thickens.
  4. the bitcoin bubble
    Alleged Bitcoin Creator Says He Can’t Even Afford Internet AccessSatoshi Nakamoto lawyers up.
  5. ink-stained wretches
    Tina Brown Shades Newsweek on Bitcoin MessIn the face of controversy, the magazine is playing defense.
  6. the bitcoin bubble
    The Hijacking of Satoshi NakamotoBitcoin’s biggest mistake was turning from a technology into a movement.
  7. the bitcoin bubble
    After Newsweek Reveal, Man Insists He Isn’t Bitcoin’s CreatorHe’s never heard of “Bitcom,” or is pretty good at pretending.
  8. the bitcoin bubble
    Newsweek Says It Has Unmasked the Mysterious Founder of Bitcoin (Updated)His name is … Satoshi Nakamoto?