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    More Parents Are Afraid They’ll Be Caught in College Admissions ScandalAccording to a new report, some parents in Southern California are freaking out about the possibility that they’ll be charged too.
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    GoFundMe Scammer Girlfriend Says She Got Scammed, TooThe latest in the saga of the New Jersey trio who almost got away with a $402,000 con.
  3. GoFundMe Scam Saga Ends in Three ArrestsA New Jersey couple raised over $400,000 for a homeless man they claimed had helped them in an emergency. The trio made the whole thing up.
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    Cops Raid Home of Couple Who Maybe Committed GoFundMe FraudKate McClure and Mark D’Amico raised over $400,000 on GoFundMe and have since been accused of fraud.
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    Instagram Model Tinder-Scams Dozens of Men Into Competing for a DateThe model, Natasha Aponte, told each man that they were meeting for a drink. When the men arrived, they discovered the truth.
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    ‘Vomit Fraud’: Uber Drivers’ Fake Puke Claims Cost Riders Up to $150Passengers are filing lawsuits against Uber after being charged a fee for allegedly vomiting during late-night rides.
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    Some Uber Drivers Are Using a Phony GPS App to Raise FaresSome riders have reportedly paid twice as much as they should have as a result.
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    Why Your Entire Instagram Feed Was Flooded With Red Swimsuits This WeekThe “free swimsuit” promotion from hell.
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    The Dumb Bus Is Possibly a Huge Scam?Another strike against the dumb bus, which is a train.
  10. This Lost-iPhone Scam Uses a Website That Looks Scarily Like Apple’sA man thought he got a notification from Apple about his lost phone. It wasn’t from Apple.