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  1. Time Capsule That Looked Like an Old Missile Causes Midtown Bomb ScareIt was apparently buried by the owner of the old Danceteria nightclub in the 1980s.
  2. No One Shot Up a Major American Airport AgainTwo weeks after an “active shooter” false alarm spooked JFK, another sows panic in LAX.
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    9/11 Memorial Briefly Evacuated Over Weird Smell Don’t worry — everything’s fine.
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    Accidentally Crushed Tylenol Causes Anthrax Scare in Queens CourtOops.
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    Threatening Note Found in Bathroom of Bangkok–Los Angeles FlightFBI says there’s no evidence a bomb was onboard.
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    NYC-Bound Flight Grounded After ‘Non-Credible’ ThreatCouple removed from plane for unknown reasons.
  7. Qatari Diplomat in False Plane-Bombing AlarmIt’s really hard to sneak a cigarette on a plane these days.
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    Relax, You Can Still Search for Jessica BielPress releases be damned!
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    How Life-Changing Was Twilight in Central Park?Let’s ask Twitter!
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    Do Not Be Afraid of the Teenagers and Vampires in Central Park TonightDo not be alarmed. It’s just ‘Twilight.’
  11. Gunman Goes on Rampage in BinghamtonAt least twelve deaths have been reported.