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    Accidental Gunfire Caused a Panic at Atlanta’s Airport: What We KnowSaturday’s scary incident comes amid a record-breaking rise in the number of guns found during U.S. airport security screenings.
  2. politics
    Focus Moves to Florida in Explosive Device InvestigationSeveral packages are believed to have passed through South Florida’s largest mail processing facility.
  3. scary things
    One Dead, 6 Injured After Fire Breaks Out in Trump TowerThe four-alarm fire started in an apartment on the 50th floor.
  4. scary things
    Austin Bombing Suspect Explodes As SWAT Team Closes InThe 24-year-old white, male suspect reportedly killed himself with an explosive device while fleeing from authorities.
  5. scary things
    4th Explosion in Austin Leaves Two Men Seriously InjuredPolice believe it’s connected to the package bombings that killed two people in Austin earlier this month, but this blast involved a trip wire.
  6. scary things
    Hawaii Receives False-Alarm ‘Ballistic Missile Threat’ AlertThe automated message, a result of human error, even said that it was “not a drill.”
  7. scary things
    At Least 59 Dead, More Than 500 Hurt in Las Vegas Music Festival ShootingA gunman fired on concertgoers from a high floor of the Mandalay Bay casino, in what is now the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.
  8. Bus Crash in Queens Kills at Least 3A collision in a busy Flushing intersection between an MTA bus and charter bus also injured at least 16, some critically.
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    Trump Says U.S. Could Cut Off Trade With China After North Korean Nuclear TestFor the first time, the country has tested a bomb that exceeds the destructive power of the ones dropped on Japan during World War II.
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    Suspected Terrorists Attacked Police in Brussels, LondonOne man used a knife and the other a sword. Both shouted “Allahu Akbar.”
  11. U.S. Investment Banker Denies He Shoved London Woman in Front of BusThe private-equity partner was arrested for the shocking crime captured on security video.
  12. scary things
    Man Wandering Around on the Subway Tracks Wreaks Havoc With Morning CommuteIt made for a bizarre scene, captured on video by one subway passenger.
  13. scary things
    FBI Searches for Suspects After Bombing of Minnesota MosqueNo one was injured in the Saturday-morning blast, which may have been a domestic terrorist attack.
  14. scary things
    North Korea Can Now Strike L.A., But Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Still M.I.A.The White House isn’t instilling much confidence in its plan for handling the ever-escalating North Korea crisis.
  15. Gunman Opens Fire at Bronx Hospital, Killing OneThe suspect was reportedly a former employee and physician at the hospital. He killed at least one person before turning the gun on himself.
  16. scary things
    Flint, Michigan, Airport Stabbing Investigated As Act of TerrorismA Canadian man shouted “Allahu akbar” and stabbed a police officer in the neck.
  17. Man Reportedly Wearing Suicide Vest Shot in Brussels Train StationBrussels’s Central Station has been evacuated, and police say the situation is under control.
  18. Car Reportedly Rams Into Police Vehicle Near Champs-Élysées in ParisThe suspect is reportedly dead, but no cops or bystanders were harmed.
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    Van Rams Worshippers in Terror Attack Near London MosqueTen people were injured and one death at the scene may be related to the attack. Witnesses said the driver shouted that he wanted to kill Muslims.
  20. At Least 4 Dead, Including Gunman, in Shooting at UPS Facility in San FranciscoThe suspect, who killed himself at the scene, may have been a UPS employee.
  21. scary things
    ISIS Claims Responsibility for London Terrorist AttackThe group’s level of involvement remains unclear, but Prime Minister Theresa May said there’s been “far too much tolerance for extremism” in Britain.
  22. scary things
    Gunman Open Fires in Manila ResortPresident Trump falsely indicated that it was a terror attack, but the Philippines police chief believes robbery is the real motive.
  23. North Korea Conducts Missile Test, Threatens to Send U.S. a ‘Package of Gifts’Pyongyang released images of the launch and claims this missile is equipped with new precision technology.
  24. scary things
    What We Know About the Manchester Concert BombingISIS has claimed responsibility for the bombing that killed at least 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert in a Manchester concert arena.
  25. scary things
    Manhunt Under Way for Suspect Who Posted Video of Fatal Shooting on FacebookThe search for Steve Stephens, who is accused of randomly targeting an elderly man, has expanded to five states.
  26. Kushner Hires Horror-Film Publicist to Run PR for His New White House OfficeSounds like the right guy for the job.
  27. 4 Dead, Including Suspect, in Terror Attack Near U.K. ParliamentAn assailant was shot by police after stabbing an officer, and people were run over by a car on Westminster Bridge.
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    188,000 in California Ordered to Evacuate Over Potential Dam System FailureDamage to a spillway at the Oroville Dam is threatening to flood the surrounding area.
  29. scary things
    Judge Blocks Part of Trump’s Ban on Citizens From 7 Muslim Nations and RefugeesThe hastily planned executive order, which has upended the lives of countless U.S. visa holders, has failed its first legal hurdle.
  30. Fort Lauderdale Shooter Planned to Come to NYC on New Year’s Eve: ReportAuthorities speculate he may have changed his plans because of high security.
  31. At Least 5 Shot Dead at Fort Lauderdale AirportThe gunman reportedly had a weapon in his checked luggage, which he loaded in the bathroom before firing near the baggage claim.
  32. More Than 100 Injured After LIRR Train Derails at Atlantic Terminal, BrooklynThe worst of the injuries is reportedly a broken leg.
  33. scary things
    Trump Tweets That North Korea Won’t Develop the Ability to Nuke U.S., So RelaxHe’s confident that “It won’t happen!” though it’s unclear why.
  34. scary things
    A Bag of Toys Prompted Today’s Evacuation of Trump TowerTrump himself is still at his estate in Florida.
  35. Zurich Gunman Who Injured 3 at Mosque May Have Had ‘Interest in the Occult’The attacker was found dead of an apparent suicide.
  36. Truck Rams Into Crowd at Christmas Market in Berlin in Likely AttackAt least nine people are dead and dozens more are injured.
  37. Russian Ambassador to Turkey Is Fatally ShotThe lone gunman was reportedly an off-duty police officer.
  38. scary things
    Trump Supporter Cites Japanese Internment Camps As Precedent for Muslim Registry“That’s the kind of stuff that gets people scared,” said Megyn Kelly.
  39. One NYPD Officer Killed, Another Wounded After Shooting in the BronxThe suspect was also fatally shot during a gun fight.
  40. scary things
    Mike Pence’s Plane Skids Off the Runway at La Guardia AirportNo one was injured, but the plane came close to Grand Central Parkway.
  41. scary things
    Republican Party Office Firebombed in North Carolina“Nazi Republicans get out of town or else” was also spray-painted on the side of an adjacent building.
  42. Man Reportedly Stabbed at Times Square Subway StationTwo men were reportedly arguing on the trip uptown.
  43. infrastructure
    Delayed Technology Upgrade Might Have Prevented Hoboken Train WreckAll U.S. passenger trains are required to install positive train control software by the end of 2018.
  44. Utah Man May Have Been Infected With Zika After Wiping Away Dying Father’s TearsA very weird case.
  45. One Killed, More Than 100 Injured After N.J. Train Crashes Into Hoboken StationInvestigators do not yet know the cause of the crash.
  46. scary things
    Motive in Washington Mall Shooting That Killed 5 Remains UnclearArcan Cetin, 20, will be arraigned on Monday.
  47. Chelsea Bombing Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder of Police OfficersAhmad Khan Rahami, a 28-year-old U.S. citizen of Afghan descent, was wounded by police.
  48. new york city
    Report: 5 Taken Into FBI Custody in Connection With Chelsea BombingIt remains unclear if the incident is connected to bombings in New Jersey.
  49. scary things
    Pipe Bombs Found in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Train Station, and One ExplodesIt went off as the bomb squad was trying to disarm it.
  50. scary things
    Authorities Believe New Jersey Pipe Bomb Was Targeting Charity RunThe multi-component explosive device was set on a timer, but no one was injured due to a delay in the start of the run.
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