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Scenes From A Meltdown

  1. scenes from a meltdown
    Hank Paulson’s Valley of the Dolls MomentAt one point during the early bailout negotiations, the former Treasury secretary nearly turned to drugs.
  2. white men with small things between their legs
    You Know What Was Really Lacking at Today’s FCIC Hearings?The thing that puts the circus in media circus.
  3. what we have here is a failure to communicate
    Goldman Sachs CEO Says Geithner Never Asked Him About Taking a Haircut on AIG SwapsIt “never came up.”
  4. scenes from a meltdown
    CIT Finally Files for BankruptcyTaxpayers can kiss their $2.3 billion goodbye.
  5. white men with money
    CIT CEO Jeffrey Peek Resigns, FinallyHis legacy isn’t looking so good.
  6. tragicomedy
    The Pandit-Blankfein Dialogues: Wait, Did I Call You or Did You Call Me?A financial-crisis comedy of errors.
  7. scenes from a meltdown
    Who Came Off Best in The New Yorker’s Epic Crisis Story?We pick a winner, because the world needs more heroes.
  8. voices carry
    Which ‘Titan of Finance’ Nearly Burst Into Tears During a Phone Call With the Treasury?We know, probably all of them. But one had a particularly difficult time holding it together.
  9. scenes from a meltdown
    BBC’s Lehman Brothers Movie Actually Sounds Pretty AwesomeThe British dramatization of the collapse of Lehman Brothers may not be as poncey as we feared.
  10. early and awesome
    Treasury Secretary Was Aggressive With RegulatorsPassive aggressive.
  11. scenes from a meltdown
    Administration Denies CIT Group Further AidBankruptcy for New York’s small-business lender looks imminent.
  12. scenes from a meltdown
    Liz Peek May Not Be a TARP Wife Much LongerNew York–based lender CIT Group is in peril, and so is the anonymous TARP wife’s lifestyle.
  13. scenes from a meltdown
    Bankrupt Lehman to Spend $6 Million on Old ChairsEven in death, the storied investment firm has money problems.
  14. scenes from a meltdown
    Are We Solving the Financial Crisis the Same Way We Got Into It?There’s a lot of fake money floating around again.
  15. scenes from a meltdown
    TARP-Supported Banks Plan to ‘Game the System’ by Buying Each Other’s TrashIt’s Friday, which means there’s news about financial institutions they hope you’ll drink away over the weekend.
  16. scenes from a meltdown
    ‘Financial Fool’s Day’ Protesters Attack London Banks With Fruit, Light Sabers, and Their Bare HandsOn the eve of the G20 summit, crowds of people have taken to the streets in London for what one anarchist group called “Financial Fool’s Day.”
  17. scenes from a meltdown
    Hedge-Funders React to Possibility of Increased RegulationThey’re a little defensive about being financially profiled.
  18. scenes from a meltdown
    AIG Executive Writes Resignation Letter, Tells Edward Liddy Where to Stick ItIt’s better than the scene in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ where Anne Hathaway throws her cell phone in the fountain!
  19. scenes from a meltdown
    Tim Geithner Is Asking for Enhanced Powers“This is an extraordinary time and the government has been forced to take extraordinary measures,” the Treasury secretary said to Congress today.
  20. scenes from a meltdown
    White-collar Women Turning to StrippingUm, we’ve heard.
  21. scenes from a meltdown
    Treasury Plan Rebrands “Toxic Assets” in Hopes of Selling Them to Private InvestorsInvestors will enjoy the smooth clean taste of ‘legacy assets’ from now on.
  22. scenes from a meltdown
    Lehman Brothers Paying Off Debt the Old-fashioned WayThey’re having a yard sale!
  23. the rich hunt
    Busload of Crazies to Tour Homes of AIG Executives This WeekendThis is so much worse than the ‘Sex and the City’ bus tour.
  24. scenes from a meltdown
    The Howard Beale GenerationOur new era of righteous indignation.
  25. scenes from a meltdown
    AIG Puts Building on the BlockBut it may not do them much good.
  26. scenes from a meltdown
    Live-Blogging the AIG Bonus HearingThe juiciest bits of today’s congressional hearing.
  27. scenes from a meltdown
    Ricky Gervais to Elmo: ‘Do You Know What Necrophilia Is?’The comedian brings a sunny day to cloudy Sesame Street.
  28. scenes from a meltdown
    Bank of America Married a Stranger With SecretsNew, suspicious information about Merrill Lynch has Bank of America rifling through its traders’ belongings, looking for clues.
  29. scenes from a meltdown
    Dodd Asks for $500 Billion Credit Line for FDICSo it can bail out the banks who are also receiving Treasury funds.
  30. scenes from a meltdown
    Unemployment Up to 8.1 Percent in February651,000 jobs were lost that month alone.
  31. scenes from a meltdown
    Citigroup Breaks the BuckOh no.
  32. scenes from a meltdown
    AIG Lost $62 Billion, So We’re Giving Them $30 Billion MoreActually that’s not fair. They only wrote down $61.7 billion, which is a whole $0.3 billion less than they were expected to lose.
  33. scenes from a meltdown
    Madison Avenue Types Wishing on ‘Chinese Proverb’A chain e-mail is gaining traction among an unlikely group of Manhattanites.
  34. scenes from a meltdown
    Tim Geithner Has to Work Out This Economy Thing All by HimselfNo wonder he looks so nervous all the time.
  35. scenes from a meltdown
    Metropolitan Museum of Art Closing StoresNow where will we get the lacquered imitation scarab-beetle brooches we get for Gammy every Christmas?
  36. Murdoch: ‘Nations Will Be Redefined and Their Futures Fundamentally Altered’’I AM William Wallace!’
  37. scenes from a meltdown
    Bernanke: If Our Plan Works, Then It Will WorkThe Fed chairman sounded a somewhat Rumsfeldian note in his largely gloomy report on the state of the economy this morning.
  38. scenes from a meltdown
    Why the Government Is Hesitant About the Whole Nationalization ThingIn a nutshell.
  39. scenes from a meltdown
    Meanwhile, AIG Needs to Borrow Another Few Billion or SoIt’s just a loan. It won’t spend it on spas this time. For real!
  40. scenes from a meltdown
    McGraw-Hill Kills Book Critical of S&PWriter Barry Ritzholz gets slammed by his publisher for taking down their ratings subsidiary in a book.
  41. scenes from a meltdown
    Greenwich Village High School Won’t Open Next YearThe educational brainchild of a handful of Waverly Inn types didn’t make nearly enough money to start admitting students.
  42. scenes from a meltdown
    Long Island Has Its Own Junior-Varsity MadoffWell, maybe it’s more like a Pee Wee Madoff.
  43. scenes from a meltdown
    AIG’s Edward Liddy LITERALLY Forfeited His Own Salary, Okay, Cuomo?It’s a self-righteous smackdown!
  44. the greatest depression
    Sun Crosses World, Leaving Economic Wreckage in Its WakeAsian markets fell in massive selloffs, followed by European markets. And guess who’s next?
  45. We Are Not the Only Ones Obsessed With Neel KashkariThe Craigslist fantasies are already awaiting your fulfillment, Neel.
  46. It Was InevitableAnd we can’t believe we didn’t think of it first. A Tumblr blog called ‘Sad Guys on Trading Floors’? Come on!
  47. scenes from a meltdown
    Why Did the Rescue Bill Fail?We can think of at least four reasons, right off the bat.
  48. scenes from a meltdown
    Dow Down 750 PointsThe Dow records its biggest closing point drop in history.
  49. scenes from a meltdown
    Four New York Representatives Voted Against the BailoutDems José Serrano, Kirsten Gillibrand, Maurice Hinchey, and Republican John Kuhl were among those who shot down the bill.
  50. scenes from a meltdown
    Citigroup to Buy Wachovia’s Banking OperationsThough the FDIC is quick to assure customers that Wachovia has not ‘failed,’ the government spent the weekend helping Citigroup finance a deal.
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