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  1. schemes
    Jacob Wohl Has Been Indicted for Voter Suppression AgainEarlier this month, Wohl and his sidekick were charged with voter suppression in Michigan. Now they’ve been indicted for the same plot in Ohio.
  2. schemes
    The Ol’ Dummy-in-the-Carpool-Lane Trick Only Works If You’re Careful That means no speeding. 
  3. medical malfeasance
    Either a Patient Had 85 Hemorrhoids Removed in Twenty Months, or This Proctologist Is LyingDr. Boris has some explaining to do.
  4. how justice works
    ‘Solomon-Like’ Judge Gives Internet Scammer Money for a CarHow else was he going to get to Jersey?
  5. corrections
    Taxi Scheme May Have Been Greatly Exaggerated“We have been vindicated,” New York Taxi Workers Alliance director says.
  6. jerks
    Your Taxi Driver Is Probably Stealing From YouOver 35,000 cabbies have overcharged their customers in the past 26 months.
  7. the greatest depression
    Even Cab Drivers Took Advantage of the Boom“A New York man who told investors he was president of a hedge fund called AR Capital Group Inc was really a hired driver.”
  8. ballsy crime
    Greenwich Fund Managers Used Stolen Money to Buy HorsesWhat is the world coming to?