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School Closures

  1. just asking questions
    Should Children Vote, Sit on Juries, and Serve in Office?A law professor’s radical case for rethinking American democracy.
  2. findings
    Why Spending Time With Kids Might Actually Help Protect You From COVIDTwo studies find an immunological downside for adults who stay away from children.
  3. the national interest
    The Madness of Teachers Unions Opposing a Vaccine Mandate“Vaccinations must be negotiated between employers and workers, not coerced.” What?
  4. 2021 california recall election
    Why Recall Fever Is Sweeping CaliforniaEasy rules, intense reaction to COVID-19 restrictions, and a Republican Party with nothing better to do have all fueled a wave of recall drives.
  5. gavin newsom
    Poll Shows Gavin Newsom Is Well-Positioned for RecallIn a deep-blue state, Republicans alone cannot beat the California governor.
  6. coronavirus
    For Families Living on the Margins, NYC’s School Closures Are a Crisis“Week three, that’s when things get sketchy.”
  7. Calligraphy Crisis Closes Virginia SchoolsSome parents interpreted the lesson as an attempt to indoctrinate their children into Islam.
  8. school closures
    City Closes 18 Schools, While OWS Drowns Out UFTTwo hours in, Occupiers fled fearing arrests, though none came.
  9. school daze
    Cathie Black Confronted by a Mob of Angry ParentsShouting “Cathie Black is wack.”