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School Vouchers

  1. parental rights
    School Vouchers Are Dysfunctional by DesignFlorida’s program pays for theme-park trips and big-screen TVs.
  2. education
    The Godfather of ‘Parental Rights’ Is a Longtime Enemy of Public SchoolsHomeschool advocate Michael Farris has found a new way to pursue his crusade to replace public schools with subsidized private education.
  3. politics
    The Rights Blue States May Lose If the GOP Returns to PowerToday Republicans are all about states’ rights. If they win in 2024, they’ll likely embrace federal activism on everything from abortion to voting.
  4. education
    Is Education a Public Good or a Private Benefit?The goal of greater parental rights in public schools, which Glenn Youngkin campaigned on, can eventually undermine the very idea of public education.
  5. supreme court
    Roberts Rejoins Supreme Court Conservatives to Boost Religious SchoolsIt was a relatively narrow decision but it showed where a future Supreme Court committed to expanding religious privileges might go.
  6. For Dems, Close Counts in Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, & AZ-08’s Special ElectionIn Arizona’s heavily Republican Eighth District, an upset like Pennsylvania’s is unlikely, but a close race could be a good sign for Democrats.
  7. The Third Major Red-State Teachers Strike of 2018 Will Start Next WeekArizona educators voted overwhelming to strike after rejecting a pay-raise plan from that state’s governor.