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  1. march for science
    Scientists and Their Allies Stage Unprecedented Worldwide ProtestLarge crowds championing reality and evidence took to the streets in hundreds of cities on Saturday — and nerds definitely make the best signs.
  2. select all
    Kim Stanley Robinson’s New York 2140: To Save the City, We May Have to Drown ItKim Stanley Robinson’s newest book imagines a New York where the sea level has risen 50 feet. And it still sounds like the best city in the world.
  3. 4-Billion-Year-Old Fossils Could Be Earth’s Oldest Evidence of LifeBut this new research has its detractors.
  4. This Science Experiment Can Turn Metallica Into a Mesmerizing Salt BalletLook at that salt dance.
  5. This Microscopic Pac-Man Maze Is Only One Millimeter WideYou need a microscope to see the maze.
  6. Kids Successfully Sent a Stuffed Animal to SpaceUnfortunately, he’s now MIA.
  7. This Groundbreaking ‘Bionic Leaf’ Converts Sunlight and Water Into Liquid FuelSpoiler: It doesn’t really look like a leaf you’d find on the ground.
  8. Fireflies Are Disappearing, and It’s Probably Our FaultNo, it’s not because you caught and bottled too many of them as a child.
  9. Watch the World’s Brightest Laser Blow Up WaterA cinematic and scientific triumph.
  10. New Evidence on How Dinosaurs Went ExtinctA recent study from the National Academy of Sciences posits dinosaurs may have been on the decline for a while. 
  11. Stephen Hawking Thinks Black Holes Could Be Portals to Another UniverseIn a talk at Harvard, renowned scientist Stephen Hawking revealed a mind-blowing theory on black holes. 
  12. Scientist Tweets Cake, Breaks EmbargoLet them tweet cake!
  13. In Latest Star Wars Tie-in, Scientists Discover Real-Life HothThe giant ice planet is beyond the far edge of our solar system.
  14. 4 New Elements Added to Periodic TableThe seventh row is now complete.
  15. happy endings
    Ahmed Mohamed Meets Obama, Leaves Clock at HomeHe’s been traveling so much that he didn’t have time to pick it up.
  16. fossils
    Scientists Discover Species That Might Have Buried Its Dead — Just Like Humans“This is like opening up Tutankhamen’s tomb. It is that extreme and perhaps that influential in this stage of our history.”
  17. A Pluto Primer for Today’s FlybyVisiting the former planet.
  18. portents
    It Turns Out Bees Are, Quite Literally, Worrying Themselves to DeathThey’re dying of stress, which is stressing us out. But we’ve only got ourselves to blame.
  19. science
    Getting Drunk at Brunch No Longer a Characteristic of Hipsters AloneChimps in Guinea drink all day and then take naps.
  20. science
    Creationist Unconvinced by 60-Million-Year-Old Fossil He Found“There’s no dates stamped on these things.”
  21. weather report
    Spider Rain RealAnd it is currently covering Australia in a fog of spiderweb.
  22. White House Still Thinks ‘Bees Are Good’President Obama announces a plan to save the honeybees. 
  23. Move to Missoula If You Want to Survive the Zombie ApocalypseResearchers at Cornell University advise staying away from Pennsylvania if you want to hide when the world ends.
  24. Uptown Mice Are Different From Downtown MiceUrban ecologists are studying the evolution of the city’s wildlife.
  25. bang
    Pope Francis Almost Backs Evolution, Big Bang TheoryGod, he says, is not “a magician with a magic wand.”
  26. climate change
    This Greenland Glacier Lost a ‘Mountain Range’ Worth of Ice in the Last MonthFor those who think they’ll be long gone by the time climate change matters.
  27. exterminate!
    High Line Plants Brought a Tough New Roach SpeciesThey don’t mind the cold, unlike our current pests.
  28. it’s science
    Many Looked Up Science in Dictionary This YearWhy?
  29. science
    Americans Will Finally Get What Their Tax Dollars Pay ForWhen it comes to federally funded scholarly articles, that is.
  30. apocalypse later
    It’s the End of the World For NASA’s Phone OperatorsThey’re looking forward to the day after tomorrow.
  31. scary things
    Government Asks Scientists to Please Not Give Terrorists Access to Bird FluAn advisory panel is recommending that scientists take it easy with the scary specifics.
  32. transportation
    Is It Worth It to Nap on the Subway?A scientific experiment says ‘maybe’.
  33. terrorism
    Anthrax Mystery Might Still Be UnsolvedBruce Ivins could be innocent or he had some help.
  34. mysteries
    There Are at Least 43,381 Unknown Viruses Living in SewersAnd they say we don’t produce anything anymore.
  35. great minds
    Scientist Died Right Before Receiving the Nobel PrizeHe will be awarded the prize anyway.
  36. drugs
    Vaccines in the Works Against Smoking, CocaineBut science is having a hard time dominating pleasure.
  37. master debaters
    Rick Perry’s Galileo Analogy Was Embarrassingly FlawedGalileo wasn’t “outvoted” by other scientists. He was outvoted by people like Rick Perry.
  38. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Suddenly Not So Sure About Climate Change AnymoreWonder if this has anything to do with Rick Perry …
  39. overdue
    Scientists Finally Acknowledge the Existence of Male BisexualityApparently they weren’t sure before: Almost as if things aren’t always black-and-white!
  40. the future is coming
    New York Uses Twitter More Than Most of the World, Says a ScientistAnd downtown Manhattanites use Twitter and Flickr the most.
  41. science
    Study: Nicotine Might Help Control ObesitySo what if smoking kills?
  42. science
    We Found Another Planet That’s Capable of Supporting Human LifeThat’s good to know for when we’ve finally used this one up.
  43. science
    Scientist Gives Insect-Borne Disease to Wife During Sex, Makes Virological HistoryA biologist’s bedroom accident leads to discovery.
  44. the gods must be crazy
    Archaeologists Find ‘Gay’ Grave From Stone AgeIt wasn’t particularly festive.
  45. unemployment
    If You Are Young and Unemployed, Don’t Worry About Your Life Sucking, Because It Won’t Last Very LongYour life, that is.
  46. gay animals
    Study: Blocking Serotonin Makes Mice Sorta GayHere we go.
  47. puppies!!!!!!
    Having a Dog Makes You Exercise MoreMore evidence that owning a dog is superior.
  48. science fiction science fact
    Being Happy Makes You Live LongerAlso exercising. So now you finally have a reason to look into both.
  49. school daze
    Bullying Makes You Popular, But Not the MOST PopularYou need a little niceness to get to the top 2 percent.
  50. weird science
    So a Japanese Scientist Wants to Resurrect the Woolly MammothDoes no one remember what happened in ‘Ice Age 2: The Meltdown’?
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