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  1. white house
    Trump’s Crank COVID Adviser Scott Atlas ResignsHe said that masks don’t work and that lockdowns caused the latest surge.
  2. coronavirus
    Trump COVID Adviser Scott Atlas Is on a Hot Streak of Dumb IdeasOn Monday, Atlas said state lockdowns caused the new case surge and encouraged some elderly Americans to enjoy their “final Thanksgiving” with family.
  3. coronavirus
    Trump COVID Adviser Tells Michigan to ‘Rise Up’ Against New RestrictionsScott Atlas’s advice comes a little over a month after the FBI stopped a militia plot to rise up and kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
  4. the national interest
    Why Trump Ended the Task Force and Put a Kook in Charge of the CoronavirusThe last two GOP administrations have self-immolated by ignoring experts.
  5. coronavirus
    Twitter Removes Trump Adviser’s Tweet Claiming Masks Don’t WorkThe platform nixed radiologist Scott Atlas’s tweet for breaking its policy on distributing misleading info that could encourage the spread of COVID.
  6. coronavirus
    Trump’s New Coronavirus Adviser Wants to Copy Sweden ApproachThe American approach has been no great shakes, but aiming for “herd immunity” would likely result in a far greater catastrophe.