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  1. 2022 midterms
    Larry Hogan and the Fantasy World of Moderate RepublicanismRepublicans are trying to talk Maryland governor Larry Hogan into a Senate run, but his brand of politics probably isn’t the party’s future.
  2. politics
    Scott Brown and a Perilous Decade For ProgressivismIn January 2010 all the excitement associated with Obama’s election began to dissipate after a special election in Massachusetts.
  3. vision 2020
    Is Beating Trump the Best Democrats Can Hope to Achieve in 2020?Maybe electability is the only candidate quality that matters if Democrats can’t figure out a way to enact their agenda.
  4. Warren Fights Back Against Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ SlurWarren defends her own Native heritage and then goes after Trump for disrespecting Natives in word and deed.
  5. Former Senator Scott Brown Will Pledge Allegiance to the DonaldThe moderately conservative — but extremely handsome — Republican is expected to endorse Trump Tuesday night.
  6. America Votes for Change, Gives Up on HopeThe country wanted to throw the bums in power out, and the bums in power were the Democrats.
  7. midterms 2014
    11 Big Firsts From the 2014 Midterm ElectionsMeet the first black Republican woman in Congress, and more.
  8. trail mix
    6 Actually Interesting Things You Missed in Thursday’s Midterm Races A morning primer for the uninformed and unenthused.
  9. midterm madness
    Scott Brown Tries to Win Over Female Voters by Giving Them PlaquesWho wants equal pay when you can have a “Hero Award”?
  10. the national interest
    How Mitch McConnell Hacked American PoliticsThe Republican leader understands the power of bipartisanship.
  11. bqhatever
    Scott Brown Launches Senate Bid in His Second-Favorite StateAfter Massachusetts rejected him.
  12. early and awkward
    Chris Christie Spokesperson Bails for Scott BrownCan you blame him?
  13. bqhatever
    ‘Governor’ Is No Longer One of Scott Brown’s Potential CareersDon’t worry, he still has plenty.
  14. bqhatever
    Scott Brown Pretends He May Run for President TooJoining fake candidate Rep. Peter King.
  15. elections
    Rep. Markey Wins John Kerry’s Former Senate SeatNot the next Scott Brown.
  16. bqhatever
    Scott Brown Might Be Addicted to Running for SenateHe tried to quit, but now he’s eyeing a New Hampshire bid.
  17. early and awkward
    Inventor of Twitter’s iPhone App Shoots Down Scott Brown ‘Pocket Tweet’ Excuse“I’d say it’s unlikely that they were literal pocket tweets.”
  18. early and awkward
    Scott Brown: ‘Bqhatevwr’ Was a Pocket TweetScott Brown probably thinks they could.
  19. bqhatever
    Scott Brown Feels He Can ‘Make a Difference’ by Appearing on HannityAs he explains during his Fox News debut.
  20. bqhatever
    Scott Brown Passed on John Kerry’s Old Job, Wants Sarah Palin’s InsteadYelling at Kucinich is apparently one of the “ideals and causes that matter most” to Brown.
  21. stuck in the mittle
    Tagg Romney Won’t Be the Massachusetts GOP’s New Scott BrownNo word yet from his mom.
  22. bqhatever
    With Scott Brown Out, Massachusetts Republicans Are Getting DesperateThey’re considering a lesser-known Romney.
  23. scott brown
    Scott Brown Bqhon’t Run for Senate AgainGovernor, though?
  24. massholes
    Scott Brown Elegantly Dismisses Haters on Twitter “Whatever.”
  25. early and awkard
    Scott Brown Can’t Decide If He Wants His Old Job BackHe may want to follow in Mitt Romney’s footsteps.
  26. congress
    Rep. Ed Markey Is the First Official Contender for John Kerry’s Senate SeatBut probably not the last.
  27. gun control
    GOP Support for Assault-Weapons Ban Still NonexistentHooray.
  28. early and awkward
    Scott Brown Resuming Duties As Father and Husband“There isn’t an opening for senator. But there is an opening for a dad and a husband.”
  29. comings and goings
    Fighting John Kerry’s Nomination Almost As Dumb As Nominating John KerryThe strange strategy of a John Kerry’s potential nomination as Secretary of Defense.
  30. early and often
    Elizabeth Warren Wins Senate Race Over Scott Brown in MassachusettsThe tight race goes to the Democratic challenger.
  31. massachusetts
    Scott Brown Gets in Debate Zinger, Distances Himself Even More From GOPBrown refuses to call himself a “reliable” Romney ally.
  32. massholes
    Scott Brown Staff Bust Out ‘Indian War Whoops’They also do some tomahawk chops for good measure.
  33. In First Debate, Warren Attacks Brown’s Record, He Emphasizes His BipartisanshipPlus: a cameo from his truck.
  34. see what brown can do for you
    Scott Brown Says He Meets With Royalty DailyOh, you fancy, huh?
  35. elizabeth warren
    Do Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee Roots Matter?Why her 1/32nd Cherokee heritage is kicking up such dust.
  36. early and awkward
    Today Is a Very Awkward Day for Romney Adviser Eric FehrnstromHe’s caught between Mitt Romney and Scott Brown, and it is uncomfortable. 
  37. early and awkward
    Yankees President Randy Levine Donated $2,500 to Scott BrownTraitor!
  38. early and awkward
    Obama Won’t Play Basketball With Senator BrownTake the hint, Scott.
  39. unlikely historical events
    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Will Face Recall Election [Updated]900,000 people signed a petition calling for the recall.
  40. what can brown do for you?
    Can We Ever Trust Scott Brown Again?He was caught plagiarizing Elizabeth Dole.
  41. tarpies
    Elizabeth Warren Raised Over $3 Million in Six WeeksNot bad.
  42. what can brown do for you?
    Scott Brown Is MortalFor the first time, he trails Elizabeth Warren in a new poll.
  43. early and often
    GOP Says Elizabeth Warren Has Basically Never Been to MassachusettsExcept for Harvard, but that doesn’t count.
  44. bachmann aggression overdrive
    Michele Bachmann’s Security Crew Is ‘Physically Aggressive’Not a major surprise.
  45. what can brown do for you?
    Somewhat-Less-Erotic Scott Brown Photos DiscoveredHe’s wearing heavy knit sweaters.
  46. mediscare
    Scott Brown Just Gave Democrats a Very Generous GiftHe says the GOP’s Medicare plan would “change Medicare as we know it.”
  47. afghanistan
    Senator Scott Brown Will Go to Afghanistan for Military TrainingNo “fact-finding mission” here.
  48. what can brown do for you?
    Senator Scott Brown, Ladies’ ManThe Massachusetts Republican supports Planned Parenthood.
  49. what can brown do for you?
    Scott Brown Reveals That He Was Sexually Abused by a Camp CounselorHe hasn’t told anyone until now.
  50. you can’t hug your children with nuclear arms
    Lame-Duck Session to Continue to Defy Name With Ratification of New START TreatyThe Democrats have reportedly secured the nine GOP votes they needed.
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