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  1. Senate Votes Down Every Immigration ProposalTrump’s own proposal and a bipartisan compromise that he angrily opposed both went down in the Senate.
  2. the law
    Anthony Kennedy Has a Lot of Thinking to DoThe Supreme Court case over a baker who wouldn’t sell to a gay couple will come down to him. His questions in the case suggest a conflicted man.
  3. Justice Department Changes Sides, Wants to Let States Purge Infrequent VotersIn a policy reversal, the Justice Department now supports quick purges of infrequent voters, which especially affect minorities (and Democrats).
  4. scotus
    Justice Anthony Kennedy Retirement Watch Is Already Back OnHe’s reportedly telling prospective law clerks for the 2018–2019 term that he’s considering stepping down.
  5. the supremes
    The First Amendment Won Big at the Supreme Court TodayThe court handed down rulings that could make the Washington Redskins and anyone blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump very happy.
  6. Neil Gorsuch Is Now Officially on the Supreme CourtHe was sworn in Monday — the 113th Justice to join the body.
  7. Neil Gorsuch Accused of Plagiarizing Parts of His Book and an Academic ArticleThe White House called it a “last-second smear,” but some experts said that at the very least, his book contains sloppy attributions.
  8. scotus
    Gorsuch Filibuster Gains One Democratic Vote, Loses AnotherNow it’s up to eight undecided Democrats to determine whether McConnell is forced to go “nuclear.”
  9. SCOTUS Just Gutted a Gorsuch Opinion — and Made Him Look ExtremeIn the midst of the nominee’s confirmation hearing, SCOTUS makes him look more conservative than Clarence Thomas on education rights.
  10. supreme court
    SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch Argued Women ‘Manipulate’ Maternity Leave, Students SayThe judge reportedly told his class that employers “must ask females about their family and pregnancy plans to protect the company.”
  11. the law
    This Is How Neil Gorsuch ThinksThere’s a dark side — elitist, cruel — to his “originalism.”
  12. Does Trump Even Want to Win in Court?The longer the legal battle over Trump’s travel order continues, the more it looks like the president is sabotaging it. Is that deliberate?
  13. Gorsuch Calls Trump’s Judge Bashing ‘Disheartening’ and ‘Demoralizing’The judge made the comments in a meeting with Senator Richard Blumenthal.
  14. These Democrats Have Already Said They’ll Oppose Trump SCOTUS Pick Neil GorsuchProgressives are demanding that Senate Democrats do everything they can to block Gorsuch, though he’ll almost certainly wind up on the Court.
  15. Trump Has Given the Right Another ScaliaHis nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is a natural successor on the Supreme Court.
  16. Trump Plans Apprentice-Style SCOTUS AnnouncementPOTUS is reportedly bringing two finalists to D.C. to build suspense and boost ratings for tonight’s announcement. Could the staging backfire?
  17. Trump Could Still Undermine the Obama LGBTQ Order He Just ReaffirmedSome good news for progressives — but beware a “religious liberty” order.
  18. scotus
    Schumer Says He’ll Fight to Keep Supreme Court Seat VacantUnless Trump finds a mainstream nominee both parties agree on.
  19. Supreme Court Takes on Transgender Bathroom CaseThe Court will rule on a case about a transgender public-school student’s right to use the bathroom that fits with his gender identity.
  20. John McCain Announced the Dawn of a New Winner-Take-All Era in WashingtonSenator McCain’s promise not to approve a Democratic president’s Supreme Court pick portends some big changes.
  21. grand exits
    Columnist George Will Has Left the Republican Party Because of Trump“This is not my party.”
  22. early and often
    Obama: Senate Republicans’ Decision to Oppose SCOTUS Nomination ‘Dangerous’It could “erode the integrity of the judicial branch.”
  23. the supremes
    How Scalia’s Absence Is Affecting This Supreme Court TermWith only eight justices, the Court’s decisions could have chaotic results.
  24. from the archives
    John Heilemann: The Case for Merrick GarlandFrom 2010, the case for nominating the man Obama nominated six years later.
  25. Merrick Garland Will Be Obama’s SCOTUS NomineeThe president is announcing his pick at 11 a.m. 
  26. Obama Meets With GOP Senators About SCOTUS PickGuess how it went. 
  27. the national interest
    Will the Supreme Court Just Disappear?Its power is derived from custom and deference. How old-fashioned.
  28. the supremes
    Judge Discloses Scalia’s Health ProblemsHe had heart problems and high blood pressure, but the way his death was investigated was still odd.
  29. deaths
    Exact Cause of Scalia’s Death Still Unclear His family didn’t want an autopsy performed.
  30. roundup
    How the Republican Plan to Replace Justice Scalia Could BackfireWhether they obstruct Obama’s nominee or not, there are a lot of ways for the GOP to lose this fight.
  31. the national interest
    How Scalia’s Death Will Change the Supreme Court, America, and the PlanetIn this era of activist judges, Scalia’s absence will reshape the Court whether the Senate confirms a replacement or not.
  32. antonin scalia
    Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dead at 79The conservative legend, who apparently died in his sleep, had served on the Court since 1986.
  33. Alabama Supreme Court Justice Bans Same-Sex Marriage (Again)Oh, hey, it’s Roy Moore.
  34. ‘Stay Mad Abby’: Black College Graduates Ridicule SCOTUS Affirmative-Action Case#StayMadAbby
  35. same-sex marriage
    Kentucky Clerk Still Denying Marriage LicensesEven after being instructed by the court to issue the licenses, Rowan County clerk Kim Davis rejected two more couples this morning, citing “God’s authority.”
  36. the law
    SCOTUS: Death-Row Inmates Must Pick Their PoisonIn an explosive 5-to-4 ruling, the Supreme Court upholds Oklahoma’s lethal-injection protocol. And Breyer invites a constitutional challenge to the death penalty.
  37. the supremes
    Antonin Scalia May Be Losing the Culture Wars, But He’s Winning the Zinger WarsThe more isolated he gets, the more extravagant his rhetoric becomes.
  38. Why SCOTUS Believes Same-Sex Marriage Is a RightGay couples hailing from red states asked “for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.”
  39. the law
    The Roberts Court Is Not So Terrible on Civil Rights After All The Fair Housing Act — passed in the wake of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination — survives its latest attack. 
  40. decisions decisions
    Chief Justice Roberts Saves Obamacare a Second TimeIn a 6-3 decision, he led the court in upholding subsidies in the health-care law.
  41. In Other Supreme Court News: Fair-Housing Act Escapes Intact“The Court acknowledges the Fair Housing Act’s continuing role in moving the nation toward a more integrated society.”
  42. the law
    Chief Justice Roberts’s Big Health-Care MomentIn a few days, King v. Burwell will forever define Roberts’s first decade on the court that bears his name.
  43. court tv
    Justice Elena Kagan Peppers Decision With Spider-Man JokesThe Supreme Court justice loves her superheroes.
  44. scotus
    Parsing the Clues Ahead of the Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage DecisionHas Justice Scalia already tipped their hand?
  45. After Charleston, SCOTUS Rules on Stars and BarsThe decision hinged on an unusual break from his conservative colleagues by Clarence Thomas.
  46. the law
    The Supreme Court Hands President a Big Win in a Case About Israel and DiplomacyThe case pitted the president against Congress over whether Jerusalem, Israel, could be listed as a birthplace on a passport, causing a showdown between the branches over power in foreign relations.
  47. scotus
    Are Online ‘Threats’ Illegal? SCOTUS Won’t SayThe court dodged the free-speech issues raised by a case about violent rap lyrics.
  48. the law
    Meet the Mastermind Teeing Up the Roberts CourtEvenwel v. Abbott, a case about voter representation, could lead to redistricting that would shift power from urban to rural electoral districts. 
  49. the national circus
    The Right Is Race-Baiting on Baltimore. Hillary Clinton Needs to Take a Stand.It means as much for America as it does for her campaign that she muster courage and leadership in the slog to 2016.
  50. scotus
    Where Will SCOTUS Fall on Gay Marriage?Trying to decipher the oral arguments to see how the justices might rule. 
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