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    The AI Chatbot Assistants Are Here. Do We Actually Want Them?Sometimes I just want to use my computer, not tell it what to do.
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    Why Upgrading to the iPhone 15 Is Like Buying a New CarWelcome to a world where next-generation smartphones have become classic depreciating assets.
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    Social Media Drops the ‘Digital Town Square’ RoutineEvery platform used to be for everyone, but those days are gone.
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    Lies, Damned Lies, and Social-Media MetricsThose view counts on Twitter, TikTok, and Netflix? Be very skeptical.
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    A Better Way to Think About Young Kids and Screen TimeA new study correlates early-childhood device use with developmental delays. Is it the screens? Or what they’re replacing?
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    Welcome to the Age of AI-Powered Dating AppsWill it be better? More antagonistic? Sexless? Or just plain weird?
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    Why Nothing on Your Phone Is Safe From AdsTech companies are just hoping you’ll put up with it.
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    The Life and Death of the Amazon BrandsDozens of house brands at the world’s largest retailer are going away. Does it matter?
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    How AI Will Change the News Business: 3 TheoriesThe media industry is panicky. The tech companies are opaque. But some scenarios are starting to take shape.
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    Is ChatGPT Getting Dumber?Many early users say so. But maybe the AI bot is just done with them.
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    Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads Is an Early Success — Thanks to Elon MuskA hundred million users later, Meta’s timing with its Twitter knockoff looks both savvy and lucky.
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    The Nowhere ElectionIt’ll be every voter, and bot, for themselves.
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    Apple Keeps Trying to Fix Its UsersThe company’s guilty conscience is making it nudgy.
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    Why Mark Zuckerberg Can’t Quit TwitterHe once tried to buy it. Now he’s creating a knockoff — and talking about a cage fight with Elon Musk.
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    Reddit and the End of Online ‘Community’A standoff between the site and some of its most devoted users exposes an existential dilemma.
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    Are Apple’s New Goggles a Nightmare? Maybe.The Vision Pro — think of it as a face computer — is surreal, fascinating, unsettling, and $3,500.
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    Will Google’s AI Plans Destroy the Media?The new bot-generated content is ominous for digital publishers. But the search giant might have a reason to pull back.
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    Twitter Will Drive Conservatives Mad — and Further RightIt’s what the platform, by its nature, does.
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    How Mark Zuckerberg Led the Tech Industry Into a Metaverse WastelandIt began with his incentives and his weird psychology. Then came COVID.
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    The Hollywood Writers’ Strike and the Threat of AIHow did trolling about ChatGPT become the new “learn to code”?
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    Is Temu the Future of Buying Things?Imagine if Amazon and TikTok had a baby.
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    Can Bluesky Be Twitter Without Twitter?The buzz over the all-too-familiar new platform is as much about getting out as in.
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    The News Went ViralThe media bet its future on Facebook. Did it learn from that mistake?
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    Twitter Frees Its HostagesMusk, who is trying to extort verified users to pay to keep their blue check, is actually giving them a precious gift: a chance at a clean exit.
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    Meet NYC’s New Robot CopsOne is a creepy canine. One is a wandering egg. Both are unsettling.
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    Twitter Builds a WallElon Musk’s platform will take its cut or die trying.
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    Why Every App Now Feels Like TikTok, But WorseAlgorithmic videos are killing social media.
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    Is AI Coming for Coders First?The tech industry is running a big experiment on itself.
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    Will ChatGPT Become Your Everything App?The announcement of an app store for the AI chat interface reveals the scale of OpenAI’s ambitions.
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    What YouTube Hustlers Can Teach Us About AIThese ethically challenged go-getters are bumping up against limits and questions that will soon feel familiar to everyone.
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    The Nightmare of AI-Powered Gmail Has ArrivedIt’ll write your emails for you and read them, too. What could go wrong?
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    ‘It’s a Big F - - - - - - Mess’: How SVB’s Collapse Is Creating ChaosWhat was America’s 16th largest bank now no longer exists. Lots of regular people are already being hurt.
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    A TikTok Ban Would Make for an Incredibly Strange Day on the InternetWhile it might not be the most probable course of events, it definitely could happen.
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    Why Bing Is Being CreepyIt’s doing what it was trained to do by reading our stories and absorbing our anxieties. (Not that Microsoft is happy about it.)
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    Spy Balloons Are a Growth IndustryIf you want to understand the “UFO” news cycle and what’s really going on, just look at what U.S. corporations are already up to.
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    The Only Success Story in Right-Wing Social MediaWhile Truth Social and Parler and Gettr have all become punchlines, Rumble has built the beginnings of a real business. How?
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    Google and Bing Are a Mess. Will AI Solve Their Problems?This new era of search is a story about automation. But it’s also a story about corporate choices.
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    Why Does It Feel Like Amazon Is Making Itself Worse?The “everything store” has gotten junkier and more chaotic. But, for the company, it’s only good business.
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    How Much Does Unbanning Trump Really Matter?On the internet, you can never really go back home.
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    Elon Musk and the Sad Mod Theory of Social-Media CEOsYou may technically run the place, but most of your users just see you as a glorified moderator.
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    Why Artificial Intelligence Often Feels Like MagicThis is no ordinary next big thing for Silicon Valley.
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    Amazon’s New Car Cam Takes Personal Surveillance on the RoadIt’s marketed as a security solution. But there will be other uses.
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    This Was Always the Problem With TwitterThe company has been exactly what the owners needed it to be — and nothing more.
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    The Machine Will Speak With You NowDALL-E’s fun, impressive, and somewhat unsettling chatbot sibling is open to the public.
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    Why Elon Musk Is Picking a Fight With AppleHe speaks of a civilizational battle. But he probably sees a potential business advantage.
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    Twitter Is Just a Guy NowAt the company — and on the platform — there’s no escaping Elon.
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    Making Sense of Mastodon and Other Twitter AlternativesThe Elon Musk-led era is off to an alarming start. But if not Twitter, where? Is there a better place to tweet?
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    Welcome to $8chanThe first days of Musk’s Twitter have been a mess. But they also demonstrate a desire and a will to actually gut renovate.
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    Why Elon Wants to Make Them PayNice Twitter account you got there. Shame if something happened to it.
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    The Streaming Era Pauses for an Ad BreakHow Netflix — and everyone else — learned to love commercials again.
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