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Seal Team Six

  1. the war on wikileaks
    Bradley Manning Trial Includes Bin Laden WitnessOsama allegedly read WikiLeaks.
  2. osama bin killed
    Who, Exactly, Shot Osama Bin Laden?SEAL Team 6 is still fighting it out in the press.
  3. osama bin laden killed
    Bin Laden Shooter Is Eligible for Health Care, But It Sucks [Updated]“That’s a different story,” Esquire writer says.
  4. osama bin killed
    The Man Who Shot Osama Bin Laden Prefers to Call Him ‘Poopyface’ “It’s a bad name, a curse name.”
  5. seal team sex appeal
    The Week Everyone Had a Crush on the Navy SEALsWho doesn’t love a badass?
  6. osama bin killed
    President Obama Met the SEAL Team Six Dog(Oh, and the SEALs.)
  7. seal team sex appeal
    SEAL Team Six Author Is Very, Very Popular Right Now, But Not With His MomOn a break between interviews No. 67 and 68, Howard Wasdin talks about his fortuitously timed memoir, and why it has him feeling a little guilty.