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  1. The Feds Want You to Please Stop Taking Selfies With Baby SealsPlease.
  2. photo op
    Mayor Bloomberg Sure Received a Major Seal of Approval Today!It’s an actual seal! Like the animal!
  3. things that freak us out
    More Signs of the Apocalypse: Seals Washing Up in Jersey, Anchovies Dying by the ThousandsWhat’s next, hundreds of rats crawling out of the subway tunnels?
  4. seals
    Seals in LoveBernie and Coral were attracted to each other. At first.
  5. photo op
    Every Day Would Be Better With a Seal in ItThis picture was taken today near West 79th Street. Okay, a seal on the Upper West Side? Adorable. Look at his little face! Look at that fuzzy-wuzzy wittle face. OMG, he’s rolling around! Hello there. Hello. Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? What could be a cuter, more uplifting surprise on a cold, rainy winter day? Mmmm. Maybe a seal rolling around in something other than decades’ worth of goose poop. A Seal Pays a Visit to The Upper West Side [City Room/NYT]