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Seamus Romney

  1. Devo Releases Very Devo-ish Song About Seamus RomneyNow we know two Devo songs. 
  2. President Obama Goes There“There” is, obviously, a Seamus joke.
  3. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Fund-raiser Host Has Dog Problems, TooThe ghost of Seamus continues to haunt the GOP candidate.
  4. stuck in the mittle
    Gail Collins Is Not Done Talking About Seamus RomneyNot by a long shot.
  5. stuck in the mittle
    The Romney Family Does Not Allow Animals to Ride in the Car, EverSeamus wasn’t a fluke?
  6. Gail Collins Is Obsessed With Romney’s DogShe’s mentioned it in her columns nearly three dozen times.