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  1. ideas
    How Fantasy Triumphed Over Reality in American PoliticsThat doesn’t mean that the nation is on the verge of collapse, or even in decline. A new phase of history might be just beginning.
  2. police
    Seattle-Area Labor Council Expels Cop UnionThe move comes amid broader calls for labor to isolate cop unions.
  3. george floyd protests
    What’s Going On in CHAZ, the Seattle Autonomous Zone?There’s free LaCroix.
  4. crime
    Gunman Plows Car Through Seattle Protest, Shooting DemonstratorThe victim, a 27-year-old black man, is reportedly in stable condition.
  5. coronavirus
    A Seattle Suburb Is Turning Its Soccer Field Into a Makeshift HospitalIs this the future of coronavirus care in America?
  6. coronavirus
    What It’s Like to Be Part of the First Coronavirus Vaccine Trial“I’m monitoring myself for fever, cough, nausea, headache. All of the symptoms of the virus.”
  7. seattle
    Seattle Man Dead After Stealing and Crashing Plane, Investigation UnderwayThe Horizon Air ground service agent “was either doing it on a lark, or was suicidal,” according to a local sheriff.
  8. talking about the weather
    Extreme Heat Wave Is Cooking the Pacific NorthwestCanadian wildfires are also causing extreme haze in the region.
  9. the urbanist
    The Best and Worst Cities to Be a DogThe pupcakes at the new canine bakery in Seattle are great. The annual dog-eating festival in Yulin, less so.
  10. A Rare Glimpse Inside Seattle’s Massive $1.3 Billion Underground HighwayThe view looks like something straight out of Star Wars.
  11. This Guy Got Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Old Phone NumberHe was not prepared, and he cannot lie.
  12. stick it to isis
    Seattle Gum Wall Becomes Tribute to Paris Gum-chewers for giving peace a chance.
  13. news in 10 headlines
    Fatal ‘Duck Tour’ Accident in SeattleAn amphibious “duck tour” boat collided with a charter bus in Seattle, killing at least four people.
  14. shooting
    Student Suspect, One Other Dead in Seattle School Shooting [Updated]At least four others are injured.
  15. high times
    One Seattle Cop Issued 80 Percent of the City’s Weed TicketsBecause voter-enacted laws are “silly.”
  16. very sad and scary things
    1 Killed and 3 Wounded in Shooting at Seattle Pacific UniversityThe attack ended when some students managed to tackle the gunman.
  17. intel
    FBI Reopens Infamous D.B. Cooper CaseIn response to a story in New York this week, the FBI has decided to revive its decades-old file on D.B. Cooper, the mysterious hijacker who parachuted out of a Northwest Airplane in 1971 with $200,000 in ransom money and was never seen again. The case, one of the FBI’s most legendary, is the only skyjacking in history that remains unsolved. This week, New York presented a new suspect in the case, Kenneth Christiansen, a deceased Northwest purser and ex-paratrooper. The resemblance of Christiansen to a composite sketch of Cooper was “uncanny,” according to Larry Carr, a federal agent in Seattle now spearheading the Cooper case. “It was the piece that pushed it over the edge,” he says. Carr’s hope is that “a relative out there might think, ‘Boy, Uncle John was a lot like that and he disappeared around that time.’” Carr says that the prevalent view inside the bureau is that Cooper died the night of the jump. “Conditions were too poor,” he says. And Carr suspects that, contrary to popular belief, Cooper was not a professional skydiver. As for Christiansen, the agent was troubled by certain physical characteristics that didn’t match eyewitness accounts, like height and eye color. But he is not ruling out any suspect until “we get a new starting point in the case.” —Geoffrey Gray Related: Unmasking D.B. Cooper [NYM]