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  1. CPAC Is Going to Be a Trump-FestWhatever past conservative issues with Donald Trump, this year’s CPAC is a testament to his conquest of the movement.
  2. Report: Gorka Was Wanted By Hungarian Police During His White House TenureHe called the report “#FAKENEWS.”
  3. November 8, 2016: A Hard Day’s Night and Then a Year of Helter-SkelterI didn’t have time to freak out over Trump’s election. But it hits me now and then, without warning.
  4. Report: Sebastian Gorka Delivered ‘Tirade’ on Islam to Army StudentsThe erstwhile White House adviser also says he helped write Trump’s U.N. speech.
  5. trump palace
    Trump ‘Adviser’ Sebastian Gorka Ousted From White HouseAnd it’s still not clear what he actually did there, other than be one of the president’s guard dogs on television.
  6. With Steve Bannon Gone, What Becomes of His Closest Allies?Sebastian Gorka and Julia Hahn could be the next staffers on their way out of the White House.
  7. Sebastian Gorka Thinks That the Mosque Attack May Have Been a False FlagThis is why Trump hasn’t condemned the attack.
  8. Trump May Lift Sanctions on Russia to ‘Give Collaboration’ a ‘Chance’Sebastian Gorka says the White House may give back Russian diplomatic compounds that the U.S. seized to punish the Kremlin’s election interference.
  9. Sebastian Gorka on Reports of His White House Ouster: It’s ‘Very Fake News’Steve Bannon may have stepped in to save his former Breitbart colleague’s job.
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    Reports: Sebastian Gorka to Leave White HouseIt looks like Gorka, who has been linked to anti-Semitic groups, will soon have to wage his “war of ideas” someplace else.
  11. the far right
    Sebastian Gorka Spoke Out in Support of a Racist, Anti-Semitic Hungarian MilitiaThis is just the latest sign that Gorka, ostensibly a counterterrorism expert, has deep ties to Hungary’s far-far-right.
  12. Nazi-Affiliated Hungarian Group: Sebastian Gorka Swore a Loyalty Oath to UsGorka’s consistently shady ties to anti-Semitic and racist Hungarian political organizations continue to dog him.
  13. fuzzy math
    Trump Wants Everyone to Think Obama’s Guantánamo Policy Was a Dangerous DisasterDespite repeated claims otherwise, the available evidence suggests George W. Bush’s release policy led to more reengagement than Obama’s.
  14. anti-semitism
    Trump’s Security Adviser Sebastian Gorka Has Links to Anti-Semitic GroupsThis may be the lowlight of a week that also saw him make an unhinged phone call to a critic that got recorded and published.
  15. Sebastian Gorka Disagrees With His Own Government’s Terrorism StatisticsA Fox News appearance offers a glimpse at an important fracture in the White House that could have serious consequences for the nation.