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  1. sec no evil
    Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against SEC for Failing to Notice a $65 Billion Ponzi SchemeSloppy, but not liable.
  2. sec no evil
    SEC Contemplates Relaxing Rules for Start-ups Like Facebook [Updated]Kind of like a big deal.
  3. sec no evil
    Facebook Employee Terminated Over Insider TradingWho isn’t insider trading these days?
  4. sec no evil
    SEC Enforcer Robert Khuzami Would Like to Treat Successful Hedge Funds Like the Criminals“We’re now doing things like canvassing all hedge funds.”
  5. bankers delight
    SEC Probes Bank of America, Citigroup, UBS for Manipulating Banking RatesThe SEC is very probe-happy these days, no?
  6. good ship galleon
    Raj Rajaratnam Wants to Testify at His Insider-Trading TrialThis has backfired on bigger alleged criminals before.
  7. sec no evil
    SEC Decides It Might Be a Good Idea to Investigate How Facebook and Twitter Are Trading Shares“This marketplace is like the early days of the ‘junk’-bond market.”