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Second Amendment

  1. capitol riot
    Marjorie Taylor Greene and the Right’s Creeping Embrace of RevolutionIt’s easy to dismiss her as making yet another extremist statement likening January 6 to 1776. She is far from alone, though.
  2. u.s. supreme court
    Supreme Court Could Go Totally Extremist This TermIn at least three areas – abortion, guns, and federal regulatory powers – the Court could take a big and consequential leap to the right.
  3. guns
    Supreme Court Accepts Case That Could Overturn State Gun LawsA New York concealed-carry licensing regulation that requires demonstration of a distinctive need for self-defense outside the home could soon fall.
  4. politics
    The Six Rationalizations for Doing Nothing About GunsEvery time there’s another massacre, the same old excuses and evasions parade through Washington.
  5. politics
    When Domestic-Violence Prevention Collides With the Religion of GunsThe lapsed Violence Against Women Act once enjoyed strong bipartisan support. Now many GOP lawmakers oppose it because of a new minor gun restriction.
  6. politics
    Another QAnon Sympathizer Knocks Off GOP Congressman in Colorado PrimaryDespite a Trump endorsement, Scott Tipton was no match for the owner of a gun-themed restaurant called Shooters Grill who defied public-health orders.
  7. politics
    Struggling California Town Wants to Be ‘Sanctuary City’ for GunsIt’s an effort that combines “sticking it to the liberals” with true economic desperation.
  8. republicans
    GOP Extremism Was Powerful Before Trump, and It Will Outlive HimWe’ve forgotten how many radical causes the GOP embraced prior to 2016, and will likely embrace for some time.
  9. Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Points Gun at Teen in New AdBrian Kemp is in a competition with his Republican rivals to show how much he loves guns. But they could go too far.
  10. Not So Long Ago, the Second Amendment Didn’t Guarantee the Right to Own a GunA slim Supreme Court majority transformed the law of the land in 2008. Another such decision might restore its narrower meaning.
  11. CPAC Audience Lets Trump Know It Cares More About Guns Than Tax CutsIn a strange but revealing direct poll of his adoring audience, Trump finds confirmation that the culture war matters most.
  12. Do We Need Assault Weapons to Kill ‘Tyrannical’ Cops and Soldiers?Let’s take a closer look at the sinister argument that we need a heavily armed population in case violent revolution becomes necessary.
  13. Clarence Thomas Angry That SCOTUS Doesn’t Love GunsThomas can’t seem to get three other conservative justices to get aggressive in defending gun rights. So he’s drawing attention to the problem.
  14. ‘Bump-Stock’ Bill Offers Chance to Isolate Second Amendment AbsolutistsDianne Feinstein’s proposal to ban “bump-stock” devices creates an opportunity to drive a wedge between 2nd-amendment absolutists and other GOP.
  15. las vegas shooting
    Fear and Roaming in Las VegasCrime-scene enthusiasts, tour guides, and regular Las Vegans float along the Strip, trying to process what happened in their city.
  16. Trump’s Assassination ‘Joke’ Was Thinly Veiled SeditionHe’s not the first conservative pol to suggest a right of violent revolution against liberalism. But leave it to him to make it bloodthirsty.
  17. Trump ‘Jokes’ That Gun Lovers Will Need to Kill Clinton to Save the Constitution“If she gets to pick her judges: Nothing you can do, folks,” Trump said. “Although, the Second Amendment people, maybe there is.”
  18. ‘The Bullet Box’ Is an Option If the Ballot Box Fails, Says Gun-Rights AdvocateThe head of the Gun Owners of America lets the veil slip and reminds us that revolutionary violence is his fallback plan.
  19. Mississippi Defies Feds in Brave Struggle to Bring Guns to ChurchIf you love your guns, why wouldn’t you want to carry them to worship with you, Feds be damned?
  20. Secret Service Says Republican Convention Must Be Held in Perilous Gun-Free ZoneDespite a popular petition demanding that open carry be allowed at the GOP convention, the Secret Service says conservatives must go defenseless.
  21. gun control
    Obama Hasn’t Taken Away Any Gun Rights Just YetThe president’s plan faces a tough path through Congress.
  22. second amendment
    City’s $340 Gun Permit Fee Passes Constitutional MusterThe case was discharged.
  23. important things
    New York Still Allowed to Enforce Its Own Gun LawsA controversial concealed-gun law has been defeated in the senate.