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Second Presidential Debate

  1. Poll: Republican and Independents Approved of Trump Threatening to Jail ClintonA YouGov polls finds non-Democrats were surprisingly receptive to Trump’s attacks at the second debate.
  2. Trump vs. Clinton: Part Two Proved Less Popular Than the OriginalThe second presidential debate may have set a record for nasty rhetoric, but it drew a smaller audience than the candidates’ first showdown.
  3. Polls Suggest Clinton Won the Second Debate. Trump Just Beat the Spread.Early metrics show that Trump beat expectations, but he didn’t beat Clinton.
  4. Trump Informs Clinton That He Will Try to Have Her JailedThe Republican nominee told Clinton that if he were in charge of the law in America, she would “be in jail.”
  5. master debaters
    Video Recap: The Second Presidential Debate in Under Three MinutesAlternate title: Pardon the Interruption?