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Second Stimulus Check

  1. the money game
    Here’s What You Can Blame for Everything Being So ExpensiveAt 6.8 percent, inflation is running higher than it has in 40 years. These three factors go a long way to explaining why.
  2. politics
    Pelosi Tries to Embarrass Trump Backers With Vote on $2,000 Stimulus ChecksDemocrats staged a show vote on the president’s demand, which by passing the House could create a very awkward vote for Senate Republicans.
  3. coronavirus stimulus
    What Happens If Trump Won’t Sign the Stimulus Bill?If Trump follows through on his vague threat, he could cause a government shutdown and keep COVID aid from millions of Americans. Here’s the timeline.
  4. coronavirus stimulus
    Trump Threatens to Scuttle Second COVID Stimulus PackageAfter weeks of ignoring the stimulus proceedings, Trump has weighed in at an extremely unhelpful time with a major revision to the bill.
  5. congress
    Congress and Trump Will Keep Bickering Through the HolidaysEndless wrangling over spending and stimulus and a likely Trump veto of a defense-policy bill are casting a pall over a holiday-decorated Capitol.
  6. covid-19 stimulus
    Hawley to Trump: Veto Any Stimulus Bill With No Second CheckCongress is considering a stimulus deal along with a stopgap spending bill, but negotiators remain stuck. Maybe Hawley and Trump can produce movement.
  7. coronavirus stimulus
    As Congressional Action on Stimulus Fails, Trump Could Actually Play PresidentThe failed Senate GOP “skinny stimulus” bill was a joke and negotiations have stalled, leaving Trump, for now, to act alone.
  8. coronavirus stimulus
    McConnell’s ‘Skinny Stimulus’ Won’t Help Anyone But Republican SenatorsIn a symbolic measure designed to give the troops something to vote for, the Republican proposal is not intended to go anywhere after the Senate vote.