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Secondary Markets

  1. the future is coming
    New York Man Who Says He Owns Half of Facebook Files E-mail EvidenceBlodget calls the e-mails “breathtaking”!
  2. sec no evil
    SEC Contemplates Relaxing Rules for Start-ups Like Facebook [Updated]Kind of like a big deal.
  3. sec no evil
    Facebook Employee Terminated Over Insider TradingWho isn’t insider trading these days?
  4. sec no evil
    SEC Decides It Might Be a Good Idea to Investigate How Facebook and Twitter Are Trading Shares“This marketplace is like the early days of the ‘junk’-bond market.”
  5. party like it’s 1999
    Facebook Forgot That It Helped Manufacture Its Own Hype“You’re told the goal is to turn Facebook into the world’s first TRILLION dollar company.”