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  1. january 6 hearings
    Turns Out the Secret Service Repeatedly Defied Trump on January 6The next 1/6 hearing plans to show agents conferred to make sure everyone was disobeying Trump to keep him away from the attack on the Capitol.
  2. politics
    Secret Service Doesn’t Know How to Drive, Pull Off Cover-upAn SUV taking the vice-president to work Monday hit a curb, but the Secret Service initially said it was due to a “mechanical failure.”
  3. january 6
    The Case of the Missing January 6 Secret Service TextsIt appears they’re gone for good.
  4. politics
    Donald Trump’s Latest Money-Making SchemesHustling for cash is core to Trump’s being (plus he has lots of debt coming due). Here’s how he’s using his post-presidential clout to make big bucks.
  5. politics
    Trump Is Still Squeezing Money Out of TaxpayersThe former president charged the Secret Service at least $40,000 for a room at Mar-a-Lago, and staffers have sought reimbursement for office supplies.
  6. trump organization
    House Dems Want to Know Why Trump Org. Is Apparently Overcharging Secret ServiceHouse Oversight demanded that the agency submit its spending at Trump properties after a report showed exorbitant spending at the president’s resorts.
  7. president trump
    Trump Doesn’t Want Voters to Know How Much His Family’s Trips Cost TaxpayersThe administration wants to delay revealing Secret Service expenses until 2021, in part so taxpayers don’t find out how much Trump’s vacations cost.
  8. mar-a-lago
    Did the Secret Service Catch a Chinese Spy in Mar-a-Lago?Yujing Zhang was caught sneaking into the president’s club carrying four phones, a laptop, and a thumb drive full of malware.
  9. basic instincts
    The White House Thwarted Sacha Baron Cohen’s Interview With Ben CarsonWe’ll never see the duo unboxing stuff together.
  10. The Trump Family’s Travels Have Broken the Secret Service’s BudgetMore than 1,000 agents have already hit their yearly allowances for salary and overtime.
  11. Secret Service Moves Out of Trump Tower Due to Lease Dispute: ReportThe Trump Organization drives a hard bargain … with the people who protect the president.
  12. russia investigation
    Trump’s Lawyer Falsely Suggests Secret Service to Blame for Don Jr.’s MeetingThe agency wasn’t even protecting the president’s son at the time.
  13. not-so-secret service
    Secret Service Agent on Pence’s Detail Suspended After Prostitution ArrestHe was caught soliciting a prostitute at a Maryland hotel while he was off duty.
  14. Donald Trump Is Expected to Retain a Private Security Force As PresidentThe president-elect has been supplementing his Secret Service detail with members of his campaign’s private anti-protester patrol.
  15. Brokers Pitch Secret Service As Hottest Trump Tower AmenityGym, roof deck, doorman, and 24/7 armed security.
  16. The NYPD Is Building That Wall — Around Trump TowerConcrete barriers were erected around the midtown high-rise Wednesday.
  17. corruption
    Secret Service Paying Taxpayer Money to Trump-Owned CompanyThe Trump campaign has so far spent a total of $8.2 million on payments to businesses owned by the candidate or his family.
  18. today in donald trump
    Secret Service Rushes to Protect Trump at RallyA 32-year-old man was arrested after trying to jump a security barrier and climb onto the stage as Trump was speaking to a crowd in Dayton, Ohio.
  19. 5 Signs the Secret Service Is in CrisisA bipartisan congressional investigation found that the agency is “in crisis.”
  20. sext scandals
    Secret Service Officer Arrested After SextingHe is obviously no longer employed at the White House — which happens to be where he sent some of his disgusting messages from.
  21. really?
    Secret Service Forced to Apologize AgainWhat did they do this time?
  22. white house insecurity
    Secret Service Tries to Fix Failures, Creates New Security BreachAround five dozen newly hired agents were working without the proper security clearances.
  23. A Dude Tried to Fly a Drone Outside White House (Again)Valuable lesson: Don’t fly drones near the White House. 
  24. Secret Service Get Bad Press (Again)The former president didn’t seem too worried, though. 
  25. white house insecurity
    Secret Service Destroys Tapes of Drunken CrashIt’s policy to destroy them after 72 hours, but for some reason they saved two.
  26. white house insecurity
    After Experimenting With Feces, Man Mails Cyanide to White HouseIf the return address is accurate.
  27. Secret Service Wants to Practice Saving President Obama at a Fake White HouseIt would only cost $8 million.
  28. white house insecurity
    Possibly Drunk Secret Service Agents Drove Through an Active Bomb InvestigationA suspicious package was nearly run over.
  29. white house insecurity
    Secret Service Probed for White House DUI CrashIt’s almost like they’re trying to prove they can’t be trusted.
  30. Area Men Try to Get Into White House (Again)Two people are arrested for trying two novel ways of getting past the Secret Service. 
  31. Secret Service Plans to Play with Drones in D.C.The agency takes steps to prevent another unmanned aircraft from landing on the White House lawn.
  32. secret service
    Man Arrested for Scaling White House Bike RackThe Secret Service: at least as competent as high-school security guards.
  33. attack of the drones
    Secret Service Can’t Protect White House From DronesMaybe a really tall fence?
  34. joetorious
    Surveillance Cameras Fail to Capture Gunman Near Biden’s Home“It still seems as though the most basic things are not being done.”
  35. joetorious
    Shots Fired Outside of Biden’s Delaware HouseNo one was hurt. 
  36. secret service
    Secret Service Arrests Woman With Gun Outside White HouseJust 15 minutes after Obama’s immigration speech.
  37. incidents
    The Secret Service Arrests Man With Rifle and Ammunition Outside the White HouseThe Iowa man told Secret Service someone had told him to drive to the White House.
  38. security breaches
    Secret Service Made Many Mistakes With IntruderThe internal review “reads as a comedy of errors” by the Secret Service.
  39. CDC Guard Who Rode Elevator With Obama Says Firing Was ‘Unjust’He says the Secret Service overreacted.
  40. amazing coincidences
    How to Not Investigate a Prostitution ScandalMeet David Nieland.
  41. puppies!!!!!!
    Injured White House Dogs Cleared for DutyThe heroes America deserves.
  42. secret service
    Man Jumps White House Fence; Secret Service Remembers to Release the HoundsHe was caught before he reached the house.
  43. scandals
    White House Accused of Colombia Scandal Cover-UpThough members of the Secret Service and military were fired for the same behavior.
  44. security breaches
    Someone Pretending to Be a Congressman Just Strolled Backstage With the ObamasMore stories of Secret Service mistakes continue to creep out.
  45. ink-stained wretches
    Politico Denies Blaming Obama for AssassinationAnd said Secret Service reform will only happen if he dies.
  46. comings and goings
    Secret Service Director Resigns Over Terrible Protection of the PresidentJulia Pierson had one job …
  47. security breaches
    Secret Service Let Armed Felon Ride an Elevator With President ObamaAnd never told him about the security breach.
  48. scary things
    The 7 Weirdest White House Security BreachesAt least the recent intruders weren’t invited into the White House.
  49. very scary things
    White House Fence-Jumper Made It All the Way InA Secret Service whistleblower comes forward about the breach.
  50. scary things
    Secret Service Didn’t Know White House Was ShotA shooter hit the residence back in 2011.
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