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  1. iraq war
    Colin Powell Doesn’t Need You to Defend HimThe former secretary of State was perfectly comfortable with his bloody legacy.
  2. foreign policy
    Secretary Swell on a Pissed-Off PlanetGroomed on Park Avenue and in the 16th Arrondissement, Secretary of State Antony Blinken confronts a world that just might be post-diplomacy.
  3. politics
    Trump May Tap Pompeo to Pull Double Duty as National Security Adviser: ReportIf Pompeo replaces Bolton, it wouldn’t be the first time one man served as secretary of State and national security adviser simultaneously.
  4. 2018 midterms
    Brian Kemp’s Fake Crusade for Election Integrity in GeorgiaHe claims he’s fighting fraud. But the Republican secretary of state is actually disenfranchising voters while ignoring real infrastructure problems.
  5. Rand Paul Will Vote to Confirm Pompeo (and His Own Fraudulence)The senator has decided to pretend that Trump’s hawkish pick for secretary of State is a secret libertarian isolationist.
  6. Senate Panel Poised to Reject Pompeo for Secretary of StateBut the CIA director is likely to get the promotion, anyway.
  7. It Turns Out Mike Pompeo Never Served in the Gulf WarIt seems like almost everyone was under the impression that he had.
  8. foreign policy
    No, Mike Pompeo Isn’t Going to Save the State DepartmentEven if Pompeo is capable of restoring the State Department to its former glory, it doesn’t appear that’s what Trump wants him to do.
  9. White House Fires State Dept. Official Who Contradicted Tillerson Firing AccountIt’s a veritable fire-a-palooza!
  10. foreign policy
    The Mess Rex Tillerson Is Leaving BehindHe has been fired as secretary of State. His legacy is chaos at the institution he ran.
  11. Trump: Secretary of State I Constantly Undermine Will Not Be FiredThe secretary of State can, at least temporarily, go back to eviscerating his department.
  12. Rex Tillerson: Some Days I Feel Like I Need to ‘Curl Up in a Ball’The secretary of State sure seems to hate his job.
  13. Report: Tillerson Called Trump a ‘Moron’The secretary of State was reportedly close to quitting in July until several top administration officials convinced him not to.
  14. Secretary of State Gives Up on Diplomacy, Berates White HouseTillerson is tired of the White House blocking his hires and letting the president’s son-in-law usurp his authority. And he’s done holding his tongue.
  15. early and often
    Tillerson Recuses Himself From Keystone Review, Speaking to the PressHe’s avoided questions from reporters, and won’t take any members of the press on his trip to Asia.
  16. Secretary Tillerson Has Some Odd Accommodations on His First Official TripHe confirmed his attendance late to a G20 session, so he’s staying at a health clinic miles from his counterparts.
  17. Senate Confirms Rex Tillerson As Secretary of StateIt’s official: America’s top diplomat is now Vladimir Putin’s favorite Exxon CEO!
  18. Trump Just Replaced the State Department’s Senior ManagementRex Tillerson will begin his tenure at the State Department with no one experienced at managing its bureaucracy to guide — or constrain — him.
  19. Rex Tillerson Will Cut All Ties With Exxon If He Becomes Secretary of StateWith his confirmation fight looming, the Exxon CEO reveals a plan to sell off his Exxon shares before becoming Trump’s top diplomat.
  20. 5 Fun Facts About How Trump Picked His Secretary of StateHighlights include Giuliani’s ego, Romney’s non-apology, and Tillerson’s backers.
  21. Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates Cheer Trump’s Pick of Tillerson for StateRice and Gates took consulting fees from Exxon. Now, they’re giving the company’s CEO a badge of Establishment approval.
  22. roundup
    Reports: Trump Will Pick Exxon CEO With Close Russia Ties for Secretary of StateRex Tillerson’s close relationship with Putin may make his nomination a target for Russia-wary Republicans.
  23. Rudy Giuliani Will Not Be the Next Secretary of StateHappy Friday.
  24. Trump’s Sec. of State Candidate List Is Growing, With Addition of More Old MenThe president-elect is reportedly waiting to be wowed.
  25. Petraeus Would Need Probation Officer’s Permission to Travel As Sec. of StateUnless Trump pardons him.
  26. Trump and Romney to Meet Again, As Secretary of State Reality Show ContinuesTrump is also meeting with Senator Bob Corker and retired general David Petraeus this week.
  27. Trump ‘Furious’ About Kellyanne Conway’s Attacks on Mitt Romney, Report SaysOn Sunday, Trump’s former campaign manager suggested that his consideration of Romney for secretary of State was a betrayal of his supporters.
  28. John Kerry Wants to Change the World, Doesn’t ‘Care at All’ About His ImageMany aren’t fans of his frequent gaffes, so that’s good.
  29. secretary of awesome
    Can John Kerry Be a Secretary of Awesome?We examine the photographic evidence.
  30. foreign affairs
    John Kerry Had a Busy First Weekend As Secretary of StateThe job sounds exhausting, and he hasn’t set foot on a plane yet.
  31. comings and goings
    John Kerry Confirmed As Secretary of State Whether the South Likes It or NotThe vote was 94 to 3.
  32. coming and goings
    Republicans Are All of a Sudden Big Fans of John KerryAt least he’s not Susan Rice.
  33. international relations
    Susan Rice Manages to Make New EnemiesShe owns stock in the company behind the Keystone pipeline.
  34. early and often
    Why Might Obama Really Want Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State?Is he trying to out-Lincoln Lincoln? Or take Clinton out of the game?