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    Ex-Uber Employee Anthony Levandowski Charged With 33 Counts of TheftSilicon Valley’s most prominent self-driving car expert allegedly downloaded more than 14,000 files from Google shortly before quitting.
  2. uber
    Self-Driving Ubers Back on the Streets Nine Months After Killing a PedestrianKeep your head on a swivel if you’re crossing the street in Pittsburgh.
  3. general motors
    Self-Driving Cars Are the Future. Jobs in Auto Manufacturing Are Not.The future looks bright for GM’s self-driving division, especially after GM cut 14,700 jobs and $6 billion in costs. For autoworkers? Not so much.
  4. 2038
    When Will My Self-Driving Car Get Here?On this week’s episode of 2038, Duke robotics expert Missy Cummings lays out the future of autonomous vehicles on the road and in the air.
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    Uber Pedestrian Death Probably Caused by SoftwareArizona has since indefinitely suspended Uber from autonomous driving tests.
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    Tesla to NTSB: You Can’t Fire Me, I QuitThe car company was removed from an investigation into a crash involving one of its self-driving cars.
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    Arizona Woman Becomes First Pedestrian Killed by Driverless Uber CarThe woman was crossing the street when she was struck.
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    Waymo Begins Self-Driving Truck Test in AtlantaKeep an eye out for the bright-blue tractor trailers.
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    Self-Driving Shuttle Hit by Foolish Meat Human During First Hour of Trial RunNobody got hurt, and the test will continue.
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    If My Robot Cadillac Had Let Me, I Would Have Written This Whole Article on I-95Testing out the limits of self-driving cars in a Cadillac CT6.
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    Waymo Wants Its Self-Driving Cars to Go Soft If They Hit PedestriansA kinder, gentler way to smack into someone in a crosswalk.
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    The Secret to This Driverless Van Is Just a Dude Disguised As a Car SeatWho are you, van man?
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    Lyft Wants to Be the “Open Platform” for Self-Driving CarsWhile Uber tries to go it alone, Lyft continues to try to partner up.
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    Is Uber Evil, or Just Doomed?Sexual harassment, corporate-espionage charges, taking advantage of drivers: The company that practically courts bad PR is in an existential crisis.
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    Ford CEO Ousted for Automated-Vehicle ExecFord stock dropped 40 percent during the three years Mark Fields was CEO.
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    Waymo Engineer: ‘We’re Not Trying to Be Omniscient Here.’Getting into the nuts and bolts of the future of self-driving cars.
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    Uber’s Two Biggest Enemies Just Joined ForcesLyft and Waymo are getting into business together.
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    Waymo Is Now Ferrying Around Families in Phoenix in Self-Driving CarsGoogle spinoff Waymo’s public test of its self-driving tech is hitting the streets.
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    Why Are Car Companies So Proud of Getting Hacked in The Fate of the Furious?When product placement goes wrong.
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    Executive From Lyft, the ‘Woke’ Alternative to Uber, Joins Trump AdministrationHe’s working on driverless cars.
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    Why Google’s Lawsuit Could Leave Uber in the Breakdown LaneUber’s very bad February just got a whole lot worse.
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    Idiot Human Driving Uber’s Autonomous Car Ran a Red LightThe company was ordered to cease testing until it gets a permit.
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    Is the Self-Driving Car Un-American?Soon, thanks to technology, we’ll be a nation of passengers.
  24. Clinton and Trump Should Talk More About the Robot-Induced Unemployment CrisisSelf-driving vehicles are expected to wipe out millions of jobs in the coming decades. Our presidential candidates should probably talk about that.
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    This Won’t Be the Last Self-Driving-Car DeathOfficials are currently investigating the first fatal Tesla accident.
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    Tesla Under Investigation After Fatal Crash Is Linked to Self-Driving SystemA Tesla Model S hit a tractor-trailer in Florida while in “Autopilot” mode in May.
  27. People Would Generally Prefer Your Self-Driving Car Kill You, Instead of ThemHmmmmm.
  28. This Is Uber’s First Self-Driving CarIt’ll be tested on the garbage streets of Pittsburgh.
  29. Google’s Self-Driving Car Crashes Into a Bus, Very, Very SlowlyGoogle says this is the first collision for which the car (and the company) bears any responsibility. 
  30. Google’s Self-Driving Car Hit a Bus (and Is Still a Better Driver Than You)According to a report filed with the California DMV, the Google car was attempting to avoid sandbags in the road.
  31. moving violations
    Google Self-Driving Car Pulled Over for Driving Too SlowlyLicense and registration, ple— oh …