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  1. selfies
    Elizabeth Warren Even Has a Selfie PlanEarly returns suggest it’s working.
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    This Is the Teen Who Took a Selfie With Justin Timberlake at the Super BowlRyan McKenna says a phone malfunction almost cost him the perfect shot.
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    What Did Google Do With All Those Fine-Art Selfies We Sent Them?An explanation for anybody who was a little weirded out by Google’s Arts and Culture app.
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    The iPhone X Will Change Your Selfie Game ForeverPrepare yourself for a selfie revolution.
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    Woman Destroys $200,000 Worth of Art in Pursuit of a SelfieThe domino effect is hard to watch.
  6. Sorry, But These People Probably Have a Much More Thrilling Job Than You DoVIDEO: Here’s the proof.
  7. Another Portuguese Statue Demolished in Pursuit of a SelfieWhy does this keep happening in Lisbon?
  8. Ballot Selfies Are Not Allowed, New YorkA judge rejected a challenge to a law days before the election.
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    Court Rules in Favor of Ballot SelfiesNew Hampshire voters can now selfie from the polls.
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    The Truth Behind That Viral Hillary Clinton Selfie PhotoRead this before you blame millennials for yet another thing.
  11. Governor Cuomo’s Catch of the Day Generates Just a Little ControversyHe posted about hauling in a thresher shark on a fishing trip.
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    Stranger Things’ Gaten Matarazzo Has the Perfect Use for InstagramGaten Matarazzo couldn’t be cuter if he tried.
  13. Alaskan Goat Drowns While Escaping from Camera-Wielding TouristsA goat in Alaska jumped off a cliff after being frightened by people with cameras.
  14. This Oddly Phallic Chopper Drone Will Hover Above You and Take SelfiesDefinitely not your standard drone …
  15. The Feds Want You to Please Stop Taking Selfies With Baby SealsPlease.
  16. Allow This Portable Drone-Watch Thing to Fulfill All Your Selfie-Taking NeedsHey, it’s better than a selfie stick.
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    Is This the World’s Oldest Selfie Stick?This 1934 photo is a selfie. And … that’s a stick.
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    Amazon Wants to Let You Pay With a SelfieBlink twice to confirm.
  19. justice selfied
    Another Man Gets Arrested for Selfie-Related CrimeIt’s not a good year for selfies so far.
  20. lame excuses
    Jean-Marie Le Pen Suing Over ‘Damaging’ SelfieHe’s claiming $54,000 in damages.
  21. No, Judge Tells Monkey, You Cannot Copyright Your SelfiesNaruto may or may not have an intellect, but he does not have intellectual property.
  22. Very Discreet ‘Selfie Arm’ Lets You Take Selfies In SecretNow you can take pictures without shame.
  23. crimes and misdemeanors
    Couple Arrested for Taking Selfies on Boat Already Occupied by Sleeping FamilyThey left behind a bag of still-warm food from a KFC/Taco Bell. 
  24. early and often
    The Presidential Candidates vs. SelfiesNo, selfies will not decide the election, but politicians and their staff have had to develop some coping strategies.
  25. NYPD Fails to Notice Guy With Selfie Stick on Top of Brooklyn Bridge“I don’t recommend anybody else do it. It’s not a smart thing to do because I know they take security on the bridges seriously.”
  26. staring contest
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Looks Directly Into the Selfie’s SoulIt wasn’t immediately clear whether she was horrified by what she found, or whether she found a worthy adversary. 
  27. never email
    Meanwhile, Bill Clinton Has Still Only Sent Two Emails in His Entire LifeOne of them was to an astronaut. 
  28. Millennial Lawmaker Selfies Self Into ScandalInstagram establishes itself as a government watchdog. 
  29. give me liberty or x-pro ii
    Would George Washington Have Used a Selfie Stick?George Washington would have never used a selfie stick, because cameras didn’t exist.
  30. Did the Selfie-Stick Inventor Get Shafted?Wayne Fromm can lay claim to having invented the ubiquitous device, but not to getting rich off it.
  31. selfies
    Woman Snaps Selfie of Bill Clinton Staring at Her BoobsYou can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
  32. selfies
    It Turns Out a Monkey Really Does Kind of Own Its SelfiesU.S. regulators side with Wikimedia.
  33. selfies
    This Monkey Sort of Owns the Rights to Its Selfie, Says Wikimedia [Updated]Too bad for photographer David Slater.
  34. selfies
    Booker Trying to Take a Selfie With Each SenatorCory Booker’s at it again.
  35. crimes and misdemeanors
    Selfie-Sending iPhone Thieves ArrestedThey asked for it.
  36. crimes and misdemeanors
    Phone Thieves Send Obnoxious Selfie to Teen Victim’s Friends, MomAt least everyone knows what they look like now.
  37. photo op
    Even a Military Coup in Thailand Can’t Stop SelfiesNothing can.
  38. kids today
    10 Ways Selfies Are Going ExtremeWhen the president starts tweeting grainy self-portraits, kids have to find edgier selfie scenarios.
  39. the most important people in the world
    Pope Francis Took a Palm Sunday SelfieOf course he did.
  40. selfies
    Teen Snaps Hospital Selfie After Deadly California Bus CrashThe second post-tragedy selfie this week.
  41. presidential selfies
    Obama Not Actually Ending All SelfiesThe White House ban was greatly exaggerated.
  42. corporate shills
    David Ortiz Might Have Brought About ‘The End of All Selfies’With President Obama, at least.
  43. corporate shills
    The White House Isn’t Happy With David OrtizShame on you, Big Papi.
  44. corporate shills
    David Ortiz’s Presidential Selfie Was Just a Promotional Stunt for SamsungIt was obvious, in retrospect.
  45. photo ops
    David Ortiz Takes Latest Presidential Selfie Is this over yet?
  46. photo op
    Colin Powell Knows What a Selfie Is And he posted a vintage one to prove it.
  47. de mayor
    Bill de Blasio Pulls an Ellen Selfie With the PressMaybe now they’ll be nice to each other?
  48. photo ops
    Middle-Aged Nerds Pose for Historic SelfieBill Nye, President Obama, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.
  49. crimes and misdemeanors
    New Frontier for Dumb Criminals: The iCloud SelfieBeats a sketch.
  50. photo op
    Sarah Palin Demonstrates Pro-Fish, Anti-Selfie AgendaShe’s quite clear on this.
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