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  1. ufos
    Senate Intelligence Committee Votes to Allow Public to See UFO RecordsThe committee endorsed a major step in the recent push to reform the UFO reporting process, with the public getting a look as soon as 2021.
  2. russia investigation
    Donald Trump Jr. Agrees to ‘Limited’ Senate Testimony on Russia ProbeHe’s struck a deal to answer the Senate Intelligence Committee’s questions, ending the intra-party conflict over his subpoena.
  3. russia investigation
    Senate Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Donald Trump Jr.If he appears, Trump Jr. will likely have to respond to inconsistencies between his 2017 Senate testimony and details described in the Mueller report.
  4. michael cohen
    Senators Hope Michael Cohen Did Not Lie to Them About Trump Tower MeetingSenators Burr and Warner want to make sure the lawyer’s guilty plea doesn’t prevent him from testifying again about the pivotal Trump Tower meeting.
  5. Jared Kushner Explains It AllIn testimony to the Senate, Kushner gives an innocent explanation for every undisclosed interaction he had with the Russians.
  6. Jeff Sessions Still Doesn’t Have a Convincing Story on Comey FiringIn his Senate testimony, he acted like a lawyer with an especially difficult client — which is kind of true.
  7. The 9 Biggest Revelations From James Comey’s Testimony on TrumpTo name just one: The FBI director believes that Trump’s actions may have constituted obstruction of justice.
  8. Trump Is Not Going to Win a Personal Credibility Contest With James ComeyComey’s Senate testimony leads inevitably to a he-said/he-said dispute over facts. Trump’s lawyer took the bait in responding.
  9. Comey Statement Shows President Doesn’t Know or Care About Limits to His PowerRegardless of what the president said to the FBI director, his insistence on inappropriate direct meetings amplifies his lack of respect for the law.
  10. 9 Quick Takeaways From James Comey’s Testimony About President TrumpThe former FBI director just confirmed that Trump repeatedly tried to compromise the independence of federal law enforcement.
  11. 3 FBI Officials Prepared to Corroborate Comey Testimony on Trump MeetingIf James Comey’s Senate Intelligence Committee testimony boils down to his side of the story versus Trump’s, he’s bringing some FBI backup.
  12. Trump May Live-Tweet Comey HearingHere’s what Trump plans to do while his former FBI director is testifying to the Senate Thursday.
  13. Can Trump Silence Comey by Claiming Executive Privilege?He could certainly try. Whether it would work is a different matter.
  14. Senate Intel Sets James Comey’s Public Testimony for June 8The fired FBI director’s testimony is going to be must-see TV.
  15. Michael Flynn Pleads the FifthTrump’s former national security adviser will invoke his Fifth Amendment right to silence on Monday and refuse to honor the Senate’s subpoenas.
  16. Comey to Tell His Side of the Story in the Senate Intelligence CommitteeHe’s taken a real beating of late. But former FBI director James Comey will have his day in the Senate, and in the court of public opinion, very soon.
  17. Senate Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Michael Flynn in Russia ProbeThey requested the documents in April, but Flynn didn’t turn them over.
  18. The Senate Intelligence Committee Has Invited James Comey Back to TestifyThe former FBI director will be given the chance to speak in front of a closed session.
  19. Senators Reportedly Ask Trump Pals for Records of Russia ContactsThe Senate Intelligence Committee finally appears to be getting to work.
  20. White House Officials Alerted Nunes to Incidental Surveillance of Trump TeamLast week, Nunes directed attention away from his own investigation into Russia by suggesting that Trump’s team had been improperly surveilled.
  21. Comey, Senators Attempt to Show Trump-Russia Probes Are ApoliticalSenators distanced themselves from the Nunes debacle, and Comey said the FBI is “never on anybody’s side, ever.”
  22. Senate Intel Committee Will Grill Jared Kushner on Russia MeetingsAs part of a broader investigation into the Kremlin’s 2016 election meddling.