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    Trump World’s Backlash Toward Mitt Romney Has Begun, and It Will Never EndRomney’s standing as the first senator to convict a president of his own party will follow him for the rest of his career, for better or worse.
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    Susan Collins: Trump Has ‘Learned’ a ‘Pretty Big Lesson’ From ImpeachmentIt’s unlikely that a president who said the Constitution gives him “the right to do whatever I want” would learn anything from his acquittal.
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    President Trump’s Impeachment Trial Could All Be OverUnless an act of God — or Chief Justice John Roberts — allows Senate Democrats to call for witnesses.
  4. impeachment
    Lev Parnas Barred From Senate Trial Due to Electronic Device: His Ankle MonitorThough a federal judge ruled that Parnas could travel to D.C., he was not allowed to remove the monitoring device so that he could attend the trial.
  5. impeachment
    Where’s Hunter Biden? Probably Not Coming to the Senate TrialThe parties have different reasons for not wanting to call Hunter Biden — a rare bit of bipartisan agreement in an increasingly contentious trial.
  6. the national interest
    Dershowitz: President Can Abuse Power If It Helps Get Them ReelectedThe most authoritarian defense yet comes from Trump’s “civil libertarian” lawyer.
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    John Bolton’s Revelations Still Won’t Be EnoughInside the Senate chamber on Monday, Republicans did not appear to be swayed by Bolton’s account enough to let him testify.
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    GOP Senator Suggests Her Party Is Using Ukraine to Hurt Biden in the PrimaryJoni Ernst contradicted the talking point that Trump was simply rooting out corruption, with no intention of hurting Biden’s electoral shot.
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    GOP Leaders, Trump’s Defense Team Grasp at Weak Defenses After Bolton LeakRepublican senators and Trump’s legal team attempted to draw attention from Bolton’s revelation, but their arguments had severe logical gaps.
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    John Bolton Undercuts Trump’s Impeachment Defense in Book Draft: ReportJohn Bolton reportedly undercuts Trump’s impeachment defense that Ukraine aid was separate from investigations, proving the need for his testimony.
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    In Apparent Threat, Trump Says Schiff Has ‘Not Paid the Price’ for ImpeachmentSchiff said Trump’s tweet was “intended to be” a threat, days after audio emerged of the president telling associates to “take out” an ambassador.
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    Democrats Mull Trading Bidens’ Impeachment Testimony for John Bolton: ReportDemocratic senators are reportedly considering a witness deal proposal, trading John Bolton’s testimony for Hunter Biden’s — and possibly his dad’s.
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    Inside the Impeachment Trial: Snoozing, Stealth Snacking, and a McConnell SmirkAs Democratic amendments repeatedly failed during a marathon session, senators struggled with impeachment trial decorum — except for McConnell.
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    How to Watch the Senate Impeachment Trial of President TrumpAnd what to expect from the first week — including Saturday proceedings and some seriously late nights, if Mitch McConnell’s timeline holds.
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    What We Know About Trump’s Senate Impeachment TrialImpeachment trial procedures are an amalgam of constitutional provisions, Senate rules, and ad hoc procedures controlled by Mitch McConnell’s GOP.
  16. capitol beat
    McConnell’s Senate Trial Rules: ‘No One Is Going to See Until We’re Underway’The GOP leader has said that the blueprint will be the rules used for the Senate trial of Clinton. But he also might be modifying them.
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    Why Impeachment Is a Difficult Debate Topic for DemocratsDemocrats are usually eager to discuss Trump’s troubles, but as Biden’s rivals and potential Senate trial jurors, the candidates are in a tricky spot.