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Serena Van Der Woodsen

  1. gossipmonger
    Victoria Beckham Will Have to Act If She Wants to Be in the Sex and the City MovieWho knew that was required? Also, Robert Plant gets knighted, and more celebrity transitions, in our daily gossip wrap-up.
  2. we’re just jealous
    Blake Lively Has Never Worked OutShe just doesn’t need to do stuff like that.
  3. the greatest show of our time
    Gossip Girl MattersOur weekly reality index: with a special guest star!
  4. the greatest show of our time
    Blake Lively: ‘I Feel Like a Tranny a Lot of the Time’In real life, Serena is a lonely giantess.
  5. the greatest show of our time
    Blake Lively Claims to Have Done Time in ‘Disney Prison’Blake Lively was on the ‘Late Show’ last night and everything about it was bizarre.
  6. the greatest show of our time
    Spotted: Serena and Lonely Boy at Whole Foods’Gossip Girl”s star-crossed lovers were spotted pretending to shop for solids on the Lower East Side.
  7. the greatest show of our time
    Chanel Iman Also to Guest-Star on Gossip GirlAlso, she ate carbs!
  8. the greatest show of our time
    Adam Green Reports From the Set of Gossip GirlThe former Moldy Peaches singer filmed a cameo with the Misshapes and Patrick McMullan!
  9. the greatest show of our time
    A Chilly Night in ‘Gossip Girl’ CountryOur weekly reality index of the most important show that you pretend you aren’t watching.
  10. the greatest show of our time
    Gossip Girl Is Where We BelongIt’s Thanksgiving already! And there’s lots to be thankful for in our weekly ‘Gossip Girl’ recap.
  11. the greatest show of our time
    Gossip Girl Is Royally Pimpin’Our recap of the second episode of the second season of the Greatest Show Ever.
  12. the greatest show of our time
    Holy Mother of BassTomorrow’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ cover story on ‘Gossip Girl’ is packed with spoilers.
  13. in other news
    Serena Is Lying AgainBlake Lively tries and fails to prove that she and Serena van der Woodsen are two different people.
  14. in other news
    Blake Lively, Penn Badgely, and the Mystery RSVPSomeone’s been RSVPing to events for the ‘Gossip Girl’ stars without their knowledge! But who could it be?
  15. photo op
    Tinsley Mortimer Is on the Set of ‘Gossip Girl’Will her appearance herald the end of our great love? Or is a new beginning?
  16. in other news
    Matthew Settle Will Be Your Father Figure’Gossip Girl’ dad thinks his onscreen kid’s romance is “hot.”
  17. in other news
    Michelle Trachtenberg Is Totally a Method Actor!Georgina Sparks tells us everything we need to know about her role on ‘Gossip Girl’ … almost.
  18. it just happened
    ‘Gossip Girl’ Gets an Actual New Yorker!Well, hello, Upper East Siders. It seems like Gossip Girl will be getting a real-live New Yorker this season. Brooklyn-born Michelle Trachtenberg has taken on the Gossip Girl role that Mischa Barton so unwisely passed over: that of Georgina Sparks, the bad girl “who rolls into Manhattan from rehab, shaking up and torturing the life of Serena van der Woodsen.” Trachtenberg has been working since practically the day she popped out of the womb: She’s been in everything from Clarissa Explains It All to Six Feet Under, but we (as well as probably the entire staff at Knopf) remember her as the girl who shook up and tortured Ann Packer’s The Dive From Clausen’s Pier when she played the main character in the Lifetime movie last year. But somehow, we’re looking forward to seeing her again, partly because a tortured Serena has got to be a more interesting Serena. Bring on the peer pressure! Trachtenberg to Appear on Gossip [HR]
  19. party lines
    ‘Gossip Girl’ May Be Over, But Serena and Dan Go OnThere were socialites and movie stars galore at Chanel’s “Night of Diamonds” at the Plaza Hotel last night, but to us, there were only two souls in the sumptuous ballroom: Gossip Girl deities Blake Lively and Penn Badgley, or, as we prefer to call them, Serena and Dan. It’s been rumored that the onscreen couple has been dating in real life, and we were relieved to see this seemed to be true, as we try our best to maintain the illusion that characters on Gossip Girl are real. We positioned ourselves uncomfortably close to their table and watched as Serena pirouetted for Dan, her blonde ponytail slapping his face; Dan drummed his fingers while Serena chatted about fashion; and Serena close-talked to Dan between courses. Finally, we got up the nerve to approach them. We mentioned that, you know, some people have commented on whether the show portrayed Manhattan realistically and asked what they thought. “From what I’ve heard, it’s pretty accurate,” Serena said. Upper East Side teenagers “really do hang out in the lounges of bars after school.” But Dan wasn’t so sure. “I would say definitely, um, when my little sister, Jenny, swings from our Brooklyn apartment to an Upper East Side palace in five minutes top — that’s really absurd,” Dan admitted. (He actually said, “My little sister, Jenny!” We died.) He must have noticed the crazed fandom in our eyes, because right then he started talking about what the network is planning for the hiatus in order to keep people like us off the streets, or at least from turning to Cashmere Mafia. Starting January 28, he said, they’ll be airing the reruns with “extra tidbits” called Gossip Girl Revealed. “It will entertain people who have seen it,” he said. “And for those who haven’t seen it, it will be illuminating.” —Justin Ravitz Get scandalous hotel memories from Helena Christensen, MisShapes, Julia Stiles, and others at our complete coverage of Chanel’s “Night of Diamonds” at the Plaza’s Grand Ballroom.
  20. intel
    Guess We Know What Serena Was Doing in ‘Europe’ This SummerAs you may imagine, we are eagerly looking forward to the Gossip Girl season finale tomorrow night. You might even say that we are pregnant with anticipation. Even though we know “Episode 17: A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate” is not the finale as God and Josh Schwartz intended, that the show is only actually ending now because some stupid writers decided they needed to have health insurance or whatever, we’ve got our white tights and headbands all laid out for the blessed event because we’re sure the Best Show of Our Time will go out with a bang. And now, our friends over at Radar have got us whipped into even more of a frenzy with an excellent item about one of the Gossip Girl players. As you may know, we prefer not to acknowledge anything that suggests the people on the show are actors and actresses, because the characters are real to us and we think everyone should fucking respect that. So we’ll put it this way: Which prominent Upper East Side princess once had a much more prominent honker? Oh, wait, duh, you can tell from the photos above. This sheds new light on what Serena was doing in “Europe” over the summer. Will Blair have to go “away” to have Chuck-Nate Jr.? Gossip Girl Moves Out of Idol’s Way [TV Guide] Gossip Girl Serena’s Van der Newnosen [Radar]