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  1. conspiracy theories
    When Sean Hannity Made Life Hell for Seth Rich’s FamilyWhen Fox News revived a conspiracy theory about a murdered DNC staffer, his family came under blistering assault and decided, finally, to fight back.
  2. fox news
    Fox News Settles With Seth Rich’s Family After Promoting Conspiracy on His DeathThe network settled with the slain DNC staffer’s parents over three years after suggesting his involvement in the 2016 hack of the Democratic Party.
  3. Fox News and Alex Jones Are Being Sued For Conspiracy MongeringNot a good day to be a wingnut.
  4. Exactly How Close Was the White House to Fox News’ Fake Seth Rich Story?The Trump administration and Ed Butowsky, the conservative commentator at the center of a new lawsuit, can’t seem to agree.
  5. ‘Is This Even About Seth Rich at All?’Before he was a murder victim and the subject of politically motivated conspiracy theories, Seth Rich was a real person with a real life.
  6. media
    Hannity Drops Seth Rich Conspiracy ‘for Now,’ But Is Also ‘Not Stopping’He used the pleas of a grieving family to obscure his refusal to disavow a story Fox News retracted.