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  1. ink-stained wretches
    Will the Journal Be Pleased by Sewell Chan’s Departure From the Times ‘Metro’ Section?The industrious City Room blogger and metro reporter leaves just when preparations for the ‘Journal”s New York bureau are amping up.
  2. ink-stained wretches
    How the New York Times’ Sewell Chan Learned to Ride a BikeA New York ‘Times’ blogger finally opens up about a hard time in his life.
  3. intel
    New ‘Times’ Metro Website to Provide All Sewell, All the TimeNew York Times Metro wunderkind Sewell Chan racked up 422 bylines in a twelve-month period ending last spring, as the Observer pointed out then. So far in 2007, he’s got 107 bylines, according to our pal Nexis, which works out to nearly 1.5 per day. If that’s not enough Sewell for you, then today’s your lucky day. The Times is set to launch “City Room,” a new online project to cover the five boroughs, and Chan will be its founding bureau chief, according to a memo Metro editor Joe Sexton sent to his staff this morning. It’s “a way that the readers of The New York Times can get as much Sewell Chan as he has to give,” Sexton explains in his memo. (He makes it sound like that’s a good thing. As readers, we’re not quite sure we’re up to it.) The site will offer “breaking news and human interest, updates and follow-ups, local history and color, Q&A’s with newsmakers and our reporters, photos, audio and Web links to other New York sites,” Sexton wrote. The full memo is after the jump.