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  1. jeffrey epstein
    Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested on Sex-Abuse Charges Related to Jeffrey EpsteinLong accused of recruiting underage girls for the late sex offender, Maxwell was arrested Thursday in New Hampshire.
  2. sex trafficking
    Here Are Photos of Trump With Prince Andrew, Whom He Says He Doesn’t KnowTrump said he didn’t know the British royal Tuesday, but there are pictures of them together from a few months ago, and from 2000.
  3. ed buck
    Democratic Donor Ed Buck Arrested After Third Suspicious OD at His HomeProsecutors accuse Buck of manipulating victims into taking huge doses of meth. Since 2017, two men have died in his L.A. home from overdoses.
  4. jeffrey epstein
    Jeffrey Epstein Used a Bullet, Dead Cat to Intimidate Graydon Carter: ReportA former Vanity Fair editor says Epstein placed a decapitated cat and a bullet outside Carter’s homes to pressure him to tell reporters to back off.
  5. jeffrey epstein
    Lawsuit Alleges Epstein Arranged for Sex With Teenager While on Work ReleaseAccording to three lawsuits filed Tuesday, Epstein coerced multiple young women — including a teenager — during his work release from jail in 2008.
  6. jeffrey epstein
    The Legal Aftermath of Jeffrey Epstein’s Death: What Happens NextEpstein signed a will two days before his death, leaving his assets to a newly-created trust. Now what?
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    Jeffrey Epstein’s Curious Ties to His Brother’s Real-Estate BusinessCourt documents say Jeffrey had “no meaningful family ties.” But various Epstein associates cycled through a condominium owned by his brother, Mark.
  8. jeffrey epstein
    Drone Video Provides a Look Inside Epstein’s Mysterious Island TempleIt’s creepy in there.
  9. jeffrey epstein
    Trump and Others Turn to Conspiracy Theories After Epstein’s DeathA look at some the suspects being suggested by the president, pundits, and others in response to the shocking death by suicide of Jeffrey Epstein.
  10. just asking questions
    A Former U.S. Attorney on Where Epstein’s Legal Cases Will Go After His DeathFormer U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade on the expected end of Epstein’s criminal case, and how more info on his alleged sex trafficking might emerge.
  11. jeffrey epstein
    What the Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein Documents Reveal About Donald TrumpVirginia Giuffre said that to her knowledge, Trump “didn’t partake in any sex” with her or other girls Epstein allegedly abused.
  12. jeffrey epstein
    What We Learned From Jeffrey Epstein’s Bail HearingA mysterious passport, “piles of cash,” and some information on Epstein’s finances.
  13. jeffrey epstein
    More Details About Jeffrey Epstein’s Past EmergeA round-up of the major reporting over the weekend, from Epstein’s creepy past at the Dalton school to the New Mexico AG’s interest in the case.
  14. jeffrey epstein
    What to Expect From Jeffrey Epstein’s Bail Hearing on MondayEpstein’s lawyers claim he has been on a “straight and and narrow path,” while prosecutors allege he may have paid off potential witnesses.
  15. jeffrey epstein
    Read Jeffrey Epstein’s Galaxy-Brain Philosophical AdviceEpstein’s answers to Edge.org’s “annual questions” aren’t exactly clear-minded, but they help explain his former bond with the public intelligentsia.
  16. jeffrey epstein
    What We Learned From James Patterson’s Jeffrey Epstein BookAccording to Filthy Rich, Epstein has odd physical characteristics, used a camera hidden in a clock, and rejected a 23-year-old as too old.
  17. jeffrey epstein
    Everything We Know About Jeffrey Epstein’s Private ‘Pedophile Island’All the mysterious details, from the security guards to the Japanese bathhouse — and the temple that appears to lock from the outside.
  18. jeffrey epstein
    6 Disturbing Revelations From Jeffrey Epstein’s Court DocumentsHe knew his victims were underage because they “expressly told him,” prosecutors allege, and he kept evidence of his crimes on CDs.
  19. Republicans Are Asking Alabama to Err on Side of Electing a Child MolesterRepublicans have no reason to doubt the allegations against Moore — and no good excuse for asking voters to do so.
  20. stand clear of the closing doors
    Arrests for Sex Crimes on the Subway Are Way UpBy 23 percent.
  21. crimes and misdemeanors
    Prostitute ‘Family’ Protesting in Defense of Their Alleged Sex TraffickersIt was quite the scene at a Manhattan courthouse yesterday.
  22. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ultra-Orthodox Jews Accused of Intimidating Victim in Sex Abuse CaseBrooklyn D.A. wants to prove he’s tough on sex crimes.
  23. crime
    Suspect Caught in Upper East Side Sexual Assault on 85-Year-Old Woman“I didn’t do it!” he told reporters.
  24. massage enthusiasts
    Epstein Masseuse: ‘Basically, I Was Training to Be a Prostitute for Him and His Friends’Prince Andrew, you need some new friends.
  25. loose lips
    Judge Rules That Julian Assange Can Be Extradited to SwedenBritish court orders Assange to appeal or be sent to Sweden in seven days.
  26. loose lips
    London Court Hears Arguments on Whether Assange Should Be ExtraditedYou didn’t think that was the last you were gonna hear about “sex by surprise,” did you?
  27. loose lips
    Julian Assange’s House Arrest Upgraded From Country Manor to London Journalists’ ClubAt least for a couple days.
  28. loose lips
    Judge Denies Appeal, Julian Assange Freed on BailAssange should be out in a few hours.
  29. loose lips
    Michael Moore Pledges $20,000 to Get Julian Assange Out of SolitaryAssange fights possible extradition and tries to secure bail in court today.