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  1. man on the street
    The Man on the Street Asks If Sex and the City 2 Is ‘2 Much?’We suspect our man on the street himself may think so.
  2. sexandthecitymania!
    Magnolia Bakery Booted From Sex and the City Bus ToursIt’s the end of an era.
  3. party chat
    Cynthia Nixon Is a Noisy EaterWhich is problematic, because on ‘Sex and the City,’ girl is ALWAYS EATING.
  4. sexandthecitymania!
    Sex and the City 2 Trailer Reveals We’re in for Another Two-Hour-Long InfomercialThe new movie “Carries on” the old trend of conspicuous consumption.
  5. sexandthecitymania!
    The New Sex and the City Movie Poster and Tagline Arrive“Carrie on.”
  6. sexandthecitymania!
    Are Anthony and Stanford Really Going to Get Married in the Sex and the City Movie?Please tell us no.
  7. sexandthecitymania!
    Miley Cyrus’s Role in Sex and the City Sequel RevealedShe’ll be wearing the same dress as Samantha at a big red-carpet event!! Wait, what?
  8. photo op
    How Are We Feeling About the Sex and the City Flashback Outfits?Four words: Skanky, Preppy, Dorky, Tranny.
  9. man on the street
    Casting for Sex and the City, the SequelYesterday there were auditions for nonspeaking roles in the upcoming ‘Sex and the City’ film. Naturally, we sent Tim Murphy along to check it out.
  10. sexandthecitymania!
    These Are the People Who Wait All Day to Audition to Be a Sex and the City ExtraIt’s a colorful group.
  11. bons mots
    Candace Bushnell Spends a Lot of Time These Days Looking at BugsShe’s exhausted from the vampires.
  12. sexandthecitymania!
    Sex and the City Terrorizes SyracuseA curious incident confounds residents upstate.
  13. sexandthecitymania!
    Okay, Fine, the Economic Crisis Is Sex and the City’s FaultThey’re really going to do this to us now?
  14. sexandthecitymania!
    Sex and the City Sequel Definitely OnLadies, start your Kegels.
  15. in other news
    Did Sarah Jessica Parker Get Rid of Her Mole?Photo evidence would suggest that the prim little bump on her chin, often called the “sixth lady” on ‘Sex and the City,’ has gone missing.
  16. in other news
    New ‘Sex and the City’ Movie a ‘Likely Possibility,’ Says HBOAnd they’ve already got a star onboard!
  17. intel
    ‘Sex and the City’ Causes Us to Investigate Product Placement, OurselvesDid we pay to put our magazine in ‘Sex and the City’? Seriously, we wanted to know!
  18. in other news
    ‘Sex and the City,’ Now and ThenNew York’s proto–sex columnist, ‘Playboy’ scribe and ‘Sex Tips for Girls’ author Cynthia Heimel, takes a look at the new ‘Sex and the City’ movie — and doesn’t like what she sees.
  19. cultural capital
    Overheard at the Midnight Screening of ‘Sex and the City’Is ‘Sex and the City’ of interest only to a certain kind of woman and the gay man who shops with her? Pretty much! Three intrepid reporters went out to movie theaters across Manhattan last night to see just who was waiting in line for a midnight showing.
  20. intel
    The First ‘Sex and the City’ Citizen Reviews Are In!What New Yorkers thought of the movie after last night’s midnight screenings.
  21. in other news
    ‘Times’: Poor People Like ‘Sex and the City,’ TooBreaking: For many people, ‘Sex and the City’ is an escapist fantasy.
  22. party lines
    Steve Has Never Watched ‘Sex and the City’!Does he even know that he is Steve?
  23. in other news
    Bloomberg’s Secret PainThe mayor was supposed to have a part in the ‘Sex and the City’ movie, but then “something came up.” OR SO THEY SAID.
  24. in other news
    Tears of FashionA poetic moment, observed at last night’s ‘Sex and the City’ premiere.