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  1. good-bye
    Don Lemon Sure Has Thoughts About His Firing From CNNThe former anchor seems to blame his ouster on conflicting principles, rather than a series of controversies.
  2. politics
    There’s Nothing Novel About Anti-FeminismSenator Josh Hawley has no new ideas, only old prejudices.
  3. vision 2020
    Trump Needs an Opponent to Demonize. It’s Hard to Do That to Uncle Joe.Trump has tried and failed so far to undermine Joe Biden the way he did Hillary Clinton. He may get really desperate.
  4. tara reade
    Tara Reade Is Making It Harder to Hide Joe BidenThat doesn’t mean his campaign will abandon its most effective strategy.
  5. vision 2020
    The Times Dual Endorsement of Klobuchar and Warren Isn’t NutsYes, they have many differences. But they’re the candidates with the most compelling plans to get something done, and they’d break that glass ceiling.
  6. vision 2020
    Sanders–Warren Conflict Roils Iowa Debate — and the 2020 RaceA relatively calm debate — and for that matter, nominating process — was suddenly submerged in a simmering then roaring conflict between two camps.
  7. vision 2020
    Politics Chat: The Sanders–Warren He-Said, She-Said Showdown Over SexismDid the allegations of sexism by Sanders come from Warren’s camp? What will the fallout be? Two Intelligencer staffers discuss.
  8. vision 2020
    The Sexist Myth Behind the Sanders-Warren SpatMany Democrats fear, despite a lack of evidence, that a woman can’t win the presidency. They need to reject this misogynist Trumpian assumption.
  9. vision 2020
    Is Warren Still a Viable Unity Candidate?She lost altitude as she got hit from left and center on Medicare for All, and old electability fears returned. But she can begin a comeback in Iowa.
  10. vision 2020
    The Case for Biden’s ‘Electability’ Fades Under ScrutinyThe more you examine the reasons Democrats desperate to beat Trump think Biden’s the one, the more fragile the arguments look.
  11. vision 2020
    Sanders Suggests Warren Is Surging in the Polls Because She’s a WomanSanders is treading on thin ice in stressing electability arguments in his rivalry with Elizabeth Warren.
  12. vision 2020
    Democrats Think Older White Man Is Best Bet to Beat TrumpBiden and Sanders’s strong position in early 2020 polls is likely related to perceptions that, based on 2016, candidate diversity may be too risky.
  13. federal reserve
    Trump Fed Pick: ‘No Women’ in Men’s Sports Unless They’re HotStephen Moore claims misogynistic comments in his columns were “a spoof.”
  14. vision 2020
    How to Break the Highest Glass Ceiling in AmericaClinton’s defeat stirred fears that America won’t elect a woman president, but there are several paths forward — if we refuse to surrender to sexism.
  15. facebook
    Facebook’s Ad Algorithm Discriminates Even When It’s Not Told To, Study FindsResearchers found ad delivery was skewed by gender and race, though advertisers didn’t list demographic targets.
  16. technology
    Google Sued for Allegedly Covering Up Sexual Harassment by Former ExecsThe shareholders are asking a former Google exec who resigned over sexual misconduct to return $90 million in exit payouts.
  17. come on dudes
    Reminder: The Tech World Still Doesn’t Care About WomenA sex toy designed for women by women was stripped of an award at CES after it was deemed “indecent.”
  18. tell me something i don’t know
    Study Finds Twitter’s Bad If You’re a Woman and Worse If You’re a Woman of ColorAmnesty International spent a year combing through tweets sent to journalists and politicians, proving what women who spend time online already knew.
  19. sexism
    Democratic Women Fear America Not Ready for a Woman As PresidentIt may take a midterm win driven by women to convince Democrats that it’s not risky to run a woman against Trump in 2020.
  20. select all
    Q&A With Ellen Pao on Reddit, Facebook, and the Future of the InternetEllen Pao, former Reddit CEO, discusses Reddit’s focus on growth, Facebook’s homogeneity, and whether anything can be changed.
  21. select all
    HQ Founder Accused of ‘Creepy’ Behavior Toward WomenUgh.
  22. select all
    Man Develops App to Reveal What Women Look Like Without MakeupIf you’re looking to downgrade your selfie game, MakeApp is for you.
  23. select all
    Tesla Used to Joke About Having More Employees Named ‘Matt’ Than WomenAnother grossly gendered anecdote from the tech world.
  24. select all
    This May Shock You, But Women Care More About Gender Discrimination Than MenTruly, truly shocking data here.
  25. select all
    Why Is It So Hard for Women to Find Safe Spaces Online?A crowd-sourced list accusing dozens of men of assault and harassment raises larger questions.
  26. select all
    Tech Exec Allegedly Offered Female Employees Thousands to Lose WeightSocial Finance’s CEO stepped down this week and the company is facing a sexual-harassment lawsuit.
  27. select all
    Women at Google, Like Women Everywhere, Make Less Than Their Male ColleaguesAnnual salaries and bonuses are significantly lower for female employees, according to one internal survey.
  28. select all
    Googler Fired Over Anti-Diversity Memo Files Federal Labor ComplaintJames Damore wrote a ten-page memo implying that women are biologically inferior to men.
  29. select all
    Google Fires Employee Behind Anti-Diversity MemoWe finally know who wrote the infamous document.
  30. select all
    Don’t Make a Woman Explain to You Why That Anti-Diversity Google Memo Is GarbageA leaked internal document called the wage gap a “myth” and laid out all the reasons men are treated unfairly.
  31. select all
    Why That Google Memo Is So FamiliarWe’ve heard this argument before.
  32. select all
    Powerful VC Says Sexual-Harassment Problem Is Just ‘Perceived As a Reality’In recent weeks, numerous women have come forward with accusations of gross sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the industry.
  33. select all
    Another Day, Another Apology for Harassment in Silicon ValleyMarc Canter once propositioned Microsoft’s danah boyd for a threesome with him and his wife.
  34. select all
    Female Tesla Employee Calls Factory a ‘Predator Zone’According to a new report, 20 women spoke about their experiences with sexual harassment at Tesla during a town-hall meeting.
  35. select all
    VC Chris Sacca Apologized to Women One Day Before Misconduct AccusationSacca posted a lengthy letter the day before a female entrepreneur publicly accused him of misconduct.
  36. select all
    Uber Board Member Makes Sexist Joke During, Yes, a Meeting About Sexism at UberThe remark came during a meeting announcing Travis Kalanick’s leave of absence.
  37. Bill O’Reilly Has Made Some Remarkably Sexist Comments On Air▶️ “There’s gotta be some downside to having a woman president.”
  38. select all
    Uber Tried to Recruit a Female Engineer by Assuring Her Sexism Is EverywhereWhen Kamilah Taylor said she wasn’t interested in working for Uber, a recruiter told her “sexism is systemic in tech.”
  39. select all
    Eric Holder, Uber Employees to Conduct ‘Independent Review’ of Sexism ClaimsThe company is moving fast following harassment allegations from a former employee.
  40. select all
    Apple Employees Fired for Sharing Photos of Female Customers and Rating ThemThey rated women’s “butts” and “boobs.”
  41. What Comes First for Old Guys: A High Tolerance for Sexism or GOP Affiliation?There’s a generation gap in how men reacted to the Trump video. It’s unclear whether older men share his attitudes or just his party.
  42. Trump Campaign Has Sexist Plan to Fight Allegations of SexismTalking points say they should hammer Hillary for Bill’s sex scandals, though even Republicans think that’s a terrible idea.
  43. select all
    Leaked Apple Emails Allege Sexism Toward Female EmployeesA series of leaked Apple emails show sexism is a major issue at the company.
  44. We Asked People at the DNC If Attacks on Hillary Are Based on GenderDNC attendees and protesters gave us their two cents.
  45. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Nasty, Mean Enabler’ of Husband’s AffairsThe presumptive GOP nominee is trying to resurrect the ’90s.
  46. city politic
    In Queens, Former Site of Nude Male Statue to Be Dedicated to WomenOut with the old, as they say.
  47. today in donald trump
    Trump Says the Only Thing Clinton Has Going Is the ‘Woman’s Card’Whatever that is.
  48. today in donald trump
    Trump Embraces Alleged Journalist-Manhandler Corey LewandowskiHe was given a place of honor at Trump’s victory press conference.
  49. Trump’s Campaign Manager Inspired a MutinyAccording to Politico, Corey Lewandowski often bullies and demeans women. How could women’s-health advocate Donald Trump have ever hired him?
  50. subtle sexism
    Ellen Pao and the Sexism You Can’t Quite ProveA covert culture of discrimination is often the one that hurts women the most. 
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