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  1. Tucker Carlson Argues That ‘LabiaFace’ Is a Compliment in D.C.“Spoogeneck” is also a compliment. 
  2. very bad things
    Indonesia Wants Female Cops to Be God-Fearing VirginsAnd they have to undergo a test to prove it, too. 
  3. stupid things
    Fox News Bros Forced to Apologize for Middle-School-Style Sexist Jokes Well, one apologized — the other just made another dumb joke. 
  4. First Female Mets VP Says She Was Fired Over an Out-of-Wedlock PregnancyAre we still in 2014?
  5. Kirsten Gillibrand’s Colleagues in Congress Called Her Fat Sexist body-shaming: It’s everywhere. 
  6. other countries’ embarrassments
    Some Other Gross Things Vladimir Putin Has Said To and About Women“I’ll pinch you later.”
  7. ink-stained wretches
    Daily Mail Writer Slams Daily Mail for SexismBut at least a lot of people read it, he says.
  8. blog-stained wretches
    Pathetic Fed Chair Nominee Janet Yellen Wears Her Outfits More Than Once A gossip blogger finds this noteworthy, for some reason. 
  9. the internet
    The Most Offensive @NatSecWonk Tweets Are About WomenThe White House troll saved a special vitriol for his female colleagues.
  10. early and awkward
    President Obama Routinely Calls Important, Accomplished Men ‘Good-Looking’Why this matters, but only a little.
  11. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un Tries Mildly Sexist Icebreaker With South Korea’s PresidentNorth Korea’s not a fan of her “venomous swish of skirt.”
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘Fat Butt Michelle Obama’ Rant Warrants Ten-Day Suspension for Alabama CoachSome school-board members say that’s too harsh.
  13. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Denies Admiring ‘Ass’ Out Loud, Ongoing Sexism“Don’t be ridiculous.”
  14. sexism
    Immigration Official Takes Leave Amid New Accusations“How long is it anyway?” she reportedly asked.
  15. lawsuits
    Woman In Napolitano Suit Admits to Making PastaThe only comment Dora Schriro will make on the record is, “The geese are honking.”
  16. sexism
    Second Employee Suing Janet Napolitano Over Charges of Reverse SexismJason Mount says he was passed over for a promotion because he is a man.
  17. sexism
    Lawsuit Accuses Janet Napolitano of Reverse SexismAn Immigration and Customs Enforcement employee claims the Department of Homeland Security is a “female-run frat house.”
  18. ink-stained wretches
    Was the New York Times Too Mean to Lolo Jones?The paper’s public editor says yes.
  19. 2012
    There Is a Lady Running for PresidentHas this ever happened before?
  20. bons mots
    Peter Orszag Got Ben Stein Booted As Citigroup Conference Speaker for Sexist JokesA woman e-mailed Orszag to complain.
  21. photo op
    Is This 90-Year-Old Queens Statue Sexist?Anthony Weiner wants it gone.
  22. silvio
    Hundreds of Thousands of Italians Protest Berlusconi’s Behavior Toward Women“You bring us shame.”
  23. white men with newsletters
    GOP Group Didn’t Mean to Be Sexist When It Said Something Unbelievably SexistThis is about as bad as these things get.
  24. america’s sweetheart
    Is Newsweek’s Sarah Palin Cover Sexist?Why did the magazine pick a photo of Palin in a skimpy outfit?
  25. company town
    Katie Couric: ‘America Is Giving Me the Hillary Clinton Treatment’The CBS anchor identifies with the former presidential candidate. Plus, why it’s not looking good for Wall Street bonuses, or the doorman who won $5 million on a scratch ticket a couple of months ago, and more, in our daily rundown of New York media, finance, real-estate, and law news.