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Sexual Harrassment

  1. me too
    What’s Actually in the Sexual Harassment Complaint Against John ComaroffThe accused allegedly did much more than compliment a grad student’s bike helmet.
  2. corey lewandowski
    Trump Donor Accuses Corey Lewandowski of Unwanted Sexual AdvancesThe former Trump campaign manager allegedly touched her leg and buttocks, spoke in sexually graphic terms, and “stalked” her.
  3. politics
    It’s Andrew Cuomo’s Turn to Face JusticeThe disgraced governor has favored tough-on-crime policies — except for people like him.
  4. politics
    How Is Andrew Cuomo Still Here?A shocking new report is a test of his ability to bend reality to his will.
  5. politics
    Second Woman Accuses Scott Stringer of Sexual MisconductTeresa Logan alleges that the mayoral candidate groped her while she worked for him at an Upper West Side bar in the early 1990s.
  6. politics
    Will Public Support Save Andrew Cuomo?He’s fairly popular now, but the record shows men like him don’t easily recover.
  7. Steve Wynn, Casino Mogul and RNC Finance Chair, Accused of Sexual MisconductPresident Trump’s rival turned friend says, “The idea that I ever assaulted any woman is preposterous.”
  8. GOP Rep. Hasn’t Repaid Tax Dollars Used for Settlement, Despite PromiseTexas congressman Blake Farenthold said he’d pay back the $84K used to settle a sexual-harassment claim, but now he’s stalling.
  9. Democratic Congressman Won’t Run for Reelection Amid Harassment AccusationsSeveral women have come forward alleging Ruben Kihuen behaved inappropriately with them.
  10. Former Intern Accuses Wyoming’s Secretary of State of Sexual AssaultEd Murray, who denies the charge, is considered a front-runner for governor in Wyoming. That may soon change.
  11. Texas Congressman Accused of Sexual Harassment Won’t Seek ReelectionMore time to wear his ducky PJs.
  12. Former Staffer Says Arizona Congressman Offered $5 Million to Carry His ChildRepresentative Trent Franks has resigned, effective immediately.
  13. Andrew Sullivan: Let Him Have His CakeLet’s live and let live.
  14. Congressman Known for Ducky PJs Settled Harassment Suit With Taxpayer FundsTexas congressman Blake Farenthold was accused of harassing a former staffer in 2014.
  15. Paul Ryan Can’t Explain Why He Believes Roy Moore’s Accusers But Not Trump’sThe House Speaker wants Moore to drop out of the race for the Senate, but he’s not concerned about Trump’s history of alleged sexual misconduct.
  16. Moore Using Abortion Issue to Shame Conservatives Into Voting on December 12Roy Moore’s emphasis on the abortion issue shows the importance of a narrow band of conservative voters who may or may not go to the polls.
  17. Nancy Pelosi Calls on John Conyers to Resign Over Sexual-Harassment AllegationsPelosi’s statement comes as the 88-year-old was reportedly hospitalized in Detroit.
  18. Franken ‘Embarrassed and Ashamed’ Over Allegations, But Won’t Quit SenateThe senator said he’s not sure if more women will come forward.
  19. sexual harrassment
    Conyers Steps Down As Ranking Democrat on House Judiciary CommitteeHe is continuing to deny the allegations of sexual harassment that have been made against him.
  20. politics
    Trump Tweets Further Support for Roy MooreThe president continues to think that being a generic Democrat is worse than having been accused of preying on teen girls.
  21. Trump Opens the Door to Campaigning for Roy MooreYou’d think the last thing Trump would do is to place himself in a position where he would have to address issues like sexual harassment and assault.
  22. sexual harrassment
    Can Al Franken’s Senate Career Survive?The Minnesotan doesn’t appear to be on the brink of resigning over his admitted sexual misconduct. But his career, if it continues, won’t be the same.
  23. Radio Host Leeann Tweeden Accuses Sen. Al Franken of Kissing and Groping HerThe senator allegedly assaulted her on a USO trip in 2006.
  24. With Franken, the Reckoning Over Sexual Misconduct Comes to the DemocratsCould the debate over expelling Roy Moore also bring down Al Franken?
  25. Sexual-Harassment Scandals Rock More Than a Dozen State CapitolsWomen are coming forward to expose the culture of abuse in capitols across the country.
  26. NBC Under Fire for Passing on Harvey Weinstein ExposéNBC says that despite months of reporting, Ronan Farrow’s story wasn’t publishable. Others claim network executives were dragging their feet.
  27. Lawyer: Fox Launching Investigation Into Harassment Claim Against Bill O’ReillyWendy Walsh and her lawyer officially reported O’Reilly using a Fox corporate hotline last week.
  28. media
    Bill O’Reilly’s Future at Fox News Is in Rupert Murdoch’s HandsInsiders say Murdoch’s instinct will be to protect O’Reilly as long as possible.
  29. fox news
    $13M in Settlements Paid to Women Who Accused Bill O’Reilly of HarassmentTwo settlements came after Fox fired Roger Ailes following his sexual-harassment scandals. The allegations against O’Reilly go back at least 15 years.
  30. Roger Ailes Is Dumping His Treasured Upstate NewspaperHe turned the Putnam County News and Recorder into a mini–Fox News. Now he’s handing it over to the editor.
  31. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Claims He Will Sue Women Who Have Accused Him of Sexual MisconductHe also implied he would use the presidency to break up media conglomerates that have published the women’s accusations.
  32. media
    How Fox News Women Took Down Roger AilesThe most powerful, and predatory, man in media warned his staff about the “enemy within.” Turns out it was him.
  33. Can the Murdochs Contain the Damage From the Ailes Investigation? It may prove difficult as the accusations continue to pile up.
  34. crimes and misdemeanors
    Times Square Spider-Man Arrested, AgainThis time it was for groping a woman.
  35. Charney Reportedly Fired for Posting Nude PhotosAnd therefore “exposing the company to liability.”
  36. spy games
    The CIA Isn’t Great at Punishing Employees for HarassmentIt’s hard to hold people accountable when everything is a secret. 
  37. crimes and misdemeanors
    Jerk Arrested For grabbing a woman’s butt outside the Jane Hotel. 
  38. oh albany!
    Buffalo Assemblyman Hit With Harassment ClaimsDid Dennis Gabryszak learn nothing from Vito Lopez?
  39. taxis
    Cab Driver Loses License for Harassing Passenger With Terrible Pickup LinesReminiscent of Austin Powers.