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  1. nature enthusiasts
    Hank Paulson Knows What It Sounds Like When Doves CryBut he has never shed a tear himself.
  2. the greatest depression
    Hey, Congress, Hank Paulson Thinks You’re Idiots“I amuse myself a lot by thinking what would happen if I said, ‘Do you realize what an idiotic question that is?’”
  3. Hank Paulson Is Too Busy to Address Rumors That Threaten His Reputation and the Reputation of His Former CompanyThe former Treasury secretary’s got a book to write, okay?
  4. the greatest depression
    Troubled Asset Relief Program Not Buying Troubled Assets After AllIn remarks conspicuously lacking a “my bad,” Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson scraps plan of buying distressed assets pretty much altogether.
  5. the greatest depression
    Paulson Concedes Point About Executive PayThe secretary of the Treasury agreed to cap executive pay as part of the bailout, and we concede we feel bad for him.