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    Marco Rubio Shades Trump’s State of the ‘Uniom’ Typo on TwitterRubio: one. Trump administration: zero.
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    Trump May Nuke Us All, But at Least Pete Souza’s Still Got ShadeAnother day, another Instagram own from the former Obama photographer, Pete Souza.
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    Obama Photographer and Shade Master Pete Souza Doesn’t Care What Trump ThinksThe photographer has been aggressively shading the current president on Instagram for months.
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    After Trump Says Obama Didn’t Call Military Families, Souza Proves Him WrongSouza posted an Instagram after Trump made false claims about Obama not calling the families of fallen veterans.
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    Hamburger Helper Helps Smash Patriarchy on TwitterSexism is over now.
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    Former White House Photographer Weighs In on Trump Hand-holding FiascoPete Souza’s Instagram is, once again, the source of some excellent Trump shade.
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    Nixon’s Presidential Library Shades Trump on TwitterThe tweet followed Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey.
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    After 100 Days in Office, Former Obama Photographer Is Still Insta-Shading TrumpPete Souza’s Instagram is salty as heck about the Trump administration.
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    Former Obama White House Photographer’s Instagram Is a Master Class in ShadeHis pictures speak for themselves. Plus, the captions help, too.
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    Pope Francis Shades U.S. Over Prisons, Torture“A sentence of life is a hidden death penalty,” he said.