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    Son to Richard Meier: You’re Gay and You Institutionalized Me for Telling YouThat’s what the starchitect’s own progeny said! And Drew Barrymore is sucking face all over town! Our gossip roundup tells you where and with whom.
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    Is Sam Ronson Supposed to Do Lesbian Benefits Just Because She Is One?Supposedly she turned down a benefit for a Village lady-bar. And will we see you at Steve Rubell’s cousin’s new Joan Crawford–themed club? More in today’s gossip roundup.
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    Ryan Seacrest Is Casting for BoysThe ‘American Idol’ and E! host has yet another job, Ethan Hawke gets one step closer to making his nanny his second wife, plus new ‘Gossip Girl’ gossip, all in our daily roundup of the day’s gossip columns.
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    Mariah Carey’s Bling May Finally Mean SomethingIs the singer engaged to Nick Cannon? Her giant diamond would indicate, yes. That and more in our daily gossip roundup.
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    Why Wouldn’t Sharon Bush Be Involved With Roger Clemens’s Steroid Scandal?Roger Clemens’s friendship with the black sheep of the Bush family, Sharon Bush, may cost him a pardon from George W. if he is convicted of perjury. Both HarperCollins and Random House are set to come out with books about George Steinbrenner. A “Page Six” spy thinks Howard Stern’s fiancée, Beth Ostrosky, wants to have a baby because she, uh, stopped to say hello to one. Will Ferrell and Tom Brokaw did an onstage bit together at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday for Ferrell’s Funny or Die tour. The New Yorker reveals that the late Bishop Paul Moore was a closeted homosexual. Tracy Westmoreland, owner of erstwhile dive bar Siberia, may play a bouncer in a movie called The Bouncer.
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    Sharon Bush Gives Gerald Tsai a Few Reasons Not to Pine for HerSharon Bush and her ex-fiancé, billionaire Gerald Tsai, who is suing her for the return of a $434,000 eleven-carat canary-diamond ring he gave her while they were engaged, met last week for a post-broken-engagement chat. “We had tea,” she told the Daily News. “He was very upset. I was concerned about his welfare.” To show her concern, Bush and her wonder lawyer (and publicity hound) Raoul Felder filed a response to Tsai’s suit yesterday in Manhattan Supreme Court, in which Felder suggested that 78-year-old Tsai’s “drinking…could impair his memory and affect his credibility.” We bet he feels better now! Sharon Bush rocks ex in legal ring [NYDN] Related: A Brief Appreciation of the Genius of Sharon Bush
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    A Brief Appreciation of the Genius of Sharon BushHot off the heels of her most recent scandal — in which the 55-year-old ex-wife of Neil Bush refused to give back the engagement ring given to her by former beau Gerald Tsai — Sharon Bush is on “Page Six” again, talking about John F. Kennedy’s supposedly illegitimate son, Jack Worthington. Apparently, they dated. “We dated just after my divorce for about a year,” Sharon told the Post, calling him “a very caring individual who is active in philanthropies.” This reminded us: Sharon Bush is freaking amazing. Let’s take a look back at some of her best moments, shall we?
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    Raoul Felder Invokes Native-American StatuteHere’s a nice Valentine’s Day story: Sharon Bush, ex-sister-in-law of Dubya and mother of Lauren, has hired the celebrity divorce attorney and author of Schmucks! Our Favorite Fakes, Frauds, Lowlifes, Liars, the Armed and Dangerous, and Good Guys Gone Bad to defend her against her ex-fiancé Gerald Tsai, who is suing to get back a $400,000, 11.07-karat diamond ring he gave her as a Christmas present two years ago. Classy, right? Both the situation and the idea of a J-Lo–style exchange by oldies. Classier still was Felder’s statement to the Post this morning. “He doesn’t get it,” he said. “He knows what Valentine’s day is all about. He’s a Native American giver.” Well! Apparently Felder, whose statement in his book that he “never cared much for men who wear bedsheets as clothing. Like the Ku Klux Klan. And the Saudis” caused Eliot Spitzer to ask him to step down from his position as chairman of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct late last year, has learned a thing or two about political correctness. At least he didn’t say “Indian giver.” Giver-Worst [NYP]