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Shelly Sterling

  1. the sports section
    Donald Sterling Calls Wife a ‘Pig’ in Court, Vows to Sue NBA ‘Until I Die’Charming as ever.
  2. Shelly Sterling Rushes to Sell the Clippers One bidder says we’ll “probably know who bought the team by Friday.”
  3. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling to Go Away Relatively Quietly (for Donald Sterling)The Clippers owner will reportedly let his wife sell the team without a lawsuit.
  4. horrible racists
    Shelly Sterling Says She’ll Part With Donald, But Not the Clippers [UPDATED]She says she plans to divorce “eventually.”
  5. the sports section
    Shelly Sterling Plans to Fight for Her Half of the ClippersThough she’d like a new co-owner.
  6. gross people
    Donald Trump Blames Donald Sterling’s ‘Bad Girlfriend’ for This Racism MessIf only she hadn’t made that tape!