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Sheriff Joe Arpaio

  1. arizona
    ‘Sheriff’ Joe Arpaio Announces Campaign for Maricopa County SheriffTo announce his campaign, the 87-year-old serial abuser of civil rights said in a press release: “Watch out world! We Are Back!”
  2. donald trump
    Arpaio’s Senate Candidacy Is Not Just a Bad JokeSheriff Joe Arpaio lost his job in 2016 and then was pardoned by Donald Trump. Now he’s running for the Senate and has some serious support.
  3. ‘Sheriff Joe’ and Everyday American AuthoritarianismTo see what racist tyranny would look like in the U.S., liberals don’t need to look into Europe’s history — only deeper into this country’s present.
  4. Trump May Be More Dangerous Than His Handlers RealizedTrump is starting to follow through on his most destructive ideas. And he has tariffs and the death of the Iran deal on his to-do list.
  5. politics
    Trump Reportedly Wanted to Kill Arpaio Investigation Before ConvictionThe president apparently considered quashing Sheriff Joe’s criminal-contempt case months ago.
  6. President Trump Pardons Ex–Arizona Sheriff Joe ArpaioThe move is sure to create a major backlash.
  7. Birther Friends Forever: Why Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio Are BFFsA look back at a friendship forged in the fires of a racist conspiracy theory.
  8. Trump Could Bust Loose Again at Phoenix RallyIt would be natural for the president to follow up on controlled remarks about Afghanistan with an uninhibited base-feeding frenzy the next night.
  9. Ejected by Voters, ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’ Could Wind Up in PrisonIt’s been a long way down for Joe Arpaio since he lost reelection last year. And now he’s been convicted of contempt of court, and could be jailed.
  10. With Sheriff Joe Arpaio Out, His Notorious ‘Tent City’ Jail Is Shutting DownMaricopa County’s new sheriff called the facility a “circus.”