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  1. meta
    Sheryl Sandberg Leaned on Tabloid to Drop Story on Ex: ReportThe Meta exec reportedly pressured the Daily Mail twice to drop reporting related to a restraining order filed against her former boyfriend.
  2. facebook
    ‘Mark Is an Authoritarian’: An Early Facebook Investor on the Company’s SinsTalking with venture capitalist and newfound Silicon Valley doomsayer Roger McNamee.
  3. the zucc
    Mark Zuckerberg: ‘That May Be Good for the World But It’s Not Good For Us’Information cannot just flow through the internet; it all has to flow through Facebook.
  4. select all
    Vague Questions and Vaguer Answers from Twitter and Facebook on Capitol HillThe first step is articulating the problem.
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    Sheryl Sandberg Wants Facebook’s Defense to Be About Free Speech. It’s Not.Facebook has no problem letting advertisers state untrue claims.
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    Don’t Let Sheryl Sandberg Babysit Your KidsThe Facebook COO was fired from two different child-care jobs back in the day.
  7. sheryl sandberg
    Sheryl Sandberg: ‘The World Is Better for the Years My Beloved Husband Lived’The Facebook COO shared her first public statement since her husband Dave Goldberg’s sudden death.
  8. obits
    Dave Goldberg, CEO and Sheryl Sandberg’s Husband, Dies of Head Trauma [Updated]He was 47.
  9. leaning in
    Sheryl Sandberg Sold a Little Facebook Stock for a Lot of MoneyCue the “leaning in” to piles of cash jokes.
  10. zuck’d
    Facebook Is Too Big to FailThe social network just can’t lose.
  11. having it all
    Sheryl Sandberg Won’t Lean Into Politics Just Yet“I feel like I’m doing all the leaning in that I can do right now.”
  12. linguistics
    Why Lean In or Forward: The Branding Behind the Gentle Command“It’s not a command, it’s more of a suggestion.”
  13. sheryl sandberg
    When Is Sheryl Sandberg Leaving Facebook?Her “Lean In” campaign could be a subtle signal: I’m out.
  14. facebook
    Sheryl Sandberg Joins Facebook Board, Is One Step Closer to World DominationWho run the world?